Day 104 gurnards head to near senicove. This morning was interesting as the raf rescue helicopter was training on the rock right by our tents. Today I was walking with Katy who is doing the whole of the south west coast path. We managed to find a really cool place to wild camp near senicove. Tomorrow I be at lands end but it’s never over. I am planning on hiking the te Araroa end to end trail in new Zealand in February 2015.

The Start of My Long Distance Relationship

I’ve recently moved to Plymouth to go to university. My girlfriend stayed with me for the first night and she has now gone home to Cornwall. It’s safe to say my heart has cracked, I’m going to miss her so much. It’s about an hour to two hours on the train:


It’s not that far I know, But with both of us not having much money to travel. It’s going to be difficult. She left about 2 hours ago and I haven’t stopped crying. I miss her. I just want her here, I want to be in her arms. 

Next meeting: Friday. 3 days.