Loc Talk w/ Duran

Name: Duran
Age: lol
Location: Atlanta

What made you decide to loc your hair?
I’ve been growing my hair out since 10th grade. It started with cornrolls, but as I matured Locs where more of a fit for the person I was becoming.

How long have you been locd? Since 2004

Where do you go for loc maintenance?
Nix Natural Hair Care
@nixnaturalhair and Deeply Rooted @Lovnloclyfe. Love their energy!

What’s your favorite product? Natural Shea Butter mixed with EV Coconut Oil. Nothin artificial in my roots

Any advice you would give to someone who wants to loc their hair?
Do it your way. Don’t look to others to accept it. It’s your hair for a reason. Lastly…enjoy the journey

Random Question: What are some of your goals or plans for 2015?
I’ll be releasing new music on my “STARGAZERS: Why Shouldn’t It Be Us” project. My team is working hard to change the way you look at not just hip hop, but music as a whole. We want the art to express what you feel and not be fabricated.

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I asked Ally if she was trying to give her #MyLittlePony cornrolls when I came downstairs and see this. … “No, mom, I’m curling her hair, it went flat.” OHHH! #PinCurls! (I remember my mom doing those on herself when I was little. ) #FlutterShy is getting her hair done!