"Misdirection" 054/365

Sitting at a traffic light, I used to be jealous of people who got these great shots, thinking, how the hell did they have their camera ready, why was it near them? I started to plan to have my clicky click by my side more often, thinking it held the power to the magic… Turns out if you leave it in your car and its next to you on the seat, that’s what brings the magic. There’s really no preparation involved, just luck and composure. Plus, I didnt break my ankle trying to get on a bus…

118/365 - “Hobbs’ log cabin”. today i paid a visit to the ever curious garage of my father-in-law. i happened a glance up in the attic of the car garage to find a spectacular collection of deer antlers. I was definitely inspired by NBC’s new show Hannibal (episode 2) where will and team find an attic full of antlers. NOTE: my father-in-law is the kindest, most sincere, helpful person on the planet and hunts for food. i should mention that not all the antlers are his… at least i don’t think they are… nah, they probably are.