cons of bakery job:

- I had to start work at 7.30 this morning and do the same tomorrow

- I’m not allowed to wear my nose stud while working which means I have to take it out before each shift and I don’t know if you know this but corkscrew nose studs are COMPLEX THINGS and my nose hurts

pros of bakery job:

- THERE’S A BREAD SLICING MACHINE WOW every time someone buys a loaf of bread I’m like WOULD YOU LIKE IT SLICED :D

- there are so many more types of bread than I ever suspected and now I know that

- I’m finally learning the names of all the different kinds of cakes and stuff. You know the ones you always see in the display cabinet but you don’t know exactly what they are? I HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE NOW

- there is always stuff to do so I’m never just standing around bored like at mY LAST JOB

- my boss and the other girls who work there seem nice, unlike at mY LAST JOB

- it is now within my power to write an accurate bakery au should I ever wish to

- 20% cake discount

Vigna caracalla | ©teufelist

Also known as Snail Flower, Corkscrew Flower, Snail Bean or Snail vine, Vigna caracalla (Fabaceae) is a tender perennial with striking purplish-blue and white, highly fragrant flowers. It was introduced into European gardens from its native South America in the eighteenth century [1].

Currently the recognized scientific name of this species is Cochliasanthus caracalla [2].