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Please watch this video of a corgi on carousel and never be sad again.

This is my sweet boy, Finnegan.  He was my handsome little man for eleven years.  I just moved away from home for college last month, and a few days ago I was alerted that he had to be put to sleep.  I cried all day and night for my perfect little guy.  He was one of the most beautiful corgis I’ve ever seen, with beautiful eyes with natural eyeliner and a perfect little foxy face.  I’ll never forget him, and I hope he can go down in history with all the great corgis.  Here’s to my Finn, my perfect, Sweet Boy.

So here are the results from our 2-day CPE agility trial from this weekend. We had 8 runs total; we qualified in 6 classes and placed in all 8! We got six 1st Place finishes and two 2nd Place finishes. 

Gatsby also got his first set of agility titles! We got our Level 1 Games Titles: Handler Games, Strategy Games, and Fun Games. We are still one Q (qualifying score) away from getting our Level 1 Standard title. Once we get that, we will be completely titled in Level 1 and I could add the title “CL-1” next to Gatsby’s name, which is pretty neat I think! 

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Here’s our Level 2 Jumpers run from Saturday. This was one of my favorite courses from that day, and this was also one of our best runs that day. We Q’d and got 1st Place. Clean run, too!