A local dog park had a 10th anniversary celebration, complete with vendor booths, raffles, and a costume contest! It was smaller than I expected but still lots of fun.

We saw Luna and Twinkie (moonstarcorgis)! Luna won 3rd place in the costume contest!! She was a very pretty Supergirl :)

We took off Om’s uniform so he could derp around the dog park, which is why he’s naked in the pics with Twinkie. ^^;;;;


Hi Tumblr friends! You have sent me so many wonderful get-well wishes and they are working!! I am feeling great, and am ready to play, play, play. Mom says no fun allowed. BOOOORRRRRING! As you can see, only one week after my knee surgery and I am using my leg some.

“Look on The bright side! Come on mommy!”

(Our breeder was feeling really sad for the past few days, because of a lost litter. She posted this pic today with that subtitle c:)

P.S.: they are not locked up! she’s the one “inside” - the door to the yard is behind them and they have free access to a lot of open space :D