Today is Pudge’s Gotcha Day. 

We got this poopster right before I graduated and moved from Detroit down to Houston. Got the blackest, fluffiest corgi – moved him to Houston, I know kind of cruel. The day I got Pudge, I got into an accident with my brand new car, making my car undriveable. My dad, who just got to Michigan after driving up from Florida to help us move to our new home – got back in his car, and drove us from Detroit to Grand Rapids to get us the Pudge. 

Then after that, we drove all the way down to Texas. 

He was an aloof puppy. Didn’t really want attention or love of snorgles, cried a lot. And puppy teeth were the worst. But somewhere around 2-3 years old, he turned into a Super Potato. And thus, Pudge’s origin story. 

Happy Gotcha Day to US! Best and most beautifullest corgi IN THE WORLD.  


machete + stick = TWU WUUUUUVVVV


Posting this again because everyone needs some corgi puppies to make you smile this weekend!