I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock,cock
Your peacock, cock, cock,cock
I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock, cock

Word on the street, you got somethin’ to show me, ee
Magical, colorful, Mr. Mystery, ee
I’m intrigued, for a peek, Heard it’s fascinating 


Yea i finally did it sorry for the lateness guis ;-: song by Katy Perry “Peacock"

How Corey will confess his love with Laney...
  • Laney:We're best friends right?
  • Corey:Yes, of course.
  • Laney:So be honest with me, who do you like?
  • Corey:No one, I love someone.
  • Laney:Ohh, she must be very lucky.
  • Corey:Definitely, I've loved her since I met her.
  • Laney:Really? Well, since we're best friends, I wanna meet her. Go call her.
  • Corey:Oh okay. *Takes out phone, dials her number and phones her*
  • Laney:Wait, hold on I think I'm getting a call. *Answers the phone* Hello?
  • Corey:I love you.

Ok, this is now one of my top 5 eps of Grojband. I loved seeing Grojband and the Newmans working together and being friends. That was just so sweet to me. Kon and Konnie especially! Those two were just so cute getting ice cream and laughing together (yes I ship them) Laney and Larry discussed their crushes (I wanna see Corey and Laney, and Carrie and Larry double date.) and I wish I knew what Kin and Kim were saying (I ship them as well.)
I wanna see this in english soooooo bad!

Laney's secret part 9 -Girlfriend?!

Ok sorry for not updating for like ever but at least I finally updated
Plz enjoy

Laney POV

Oh s*** I can’t believe I fell on and kissed core ! Not that I didn’t like it

“Omg sorry core ! I tripped and..” I started apologizing but he cut me off

“Lanes it’s ok , I was going to ask you if…” He said but was cut off by a girl

She had long bleach blond hair
Pail skin , brown eyes and a flat chest and a big butt , that’s right I said it!

“How dare you kiss my boyfriend ?! You bitch!” She yelled , the music stopped

Who is she? Wait boyfriend ?

“Boyfriend ? Corey what is she talking about?” I asked looking very murderous

Corey POV

Oh man my ex Ashley just had to show up? Just when i was going to ask laney out !

(an. Sorry couldn’t think of a name but also no Offense to all the Ashley’s out there)

When Lanes called me corey I felt really sad cause that means she is pissed

“Lanes ..” I started but she cut me off

“Outside , now!” she said than whispered to Larry to keep the party going

“Lanes..” “don’t call me that !” she yelled

“Ok laney listen , I broke up with her months ago cause I found out that she was cheating on me with the entire football team , she is the school slut , I like you not her !” I practically screamed at her

“You like me?” she said slowly

I nodded “but if you don’t feel the same then..” then suddenly I was on the grass with her on top

“Core I like you too!” she said before she kissed me

After our make out session I gathered up my nerves to finally ask her out

“Lanes?” “yea core?” “will you be my girlfriend ?” I said “oh core! of corse I will ! do you even have to ask?”

We made out for a bit until we herd a screech of a bitch ,you guessed it .Ashley

“What do you want Ashley ?” I asked annoyed

“My boyfriend back and that slut In a ditch!” she said

“Sorry but we broke up months ago and this goddess here didn’t sleep with the entire football team so that makes you a slut!” i told her

“Now if you could leave my girlfriend and I alone ?that would be awesome” finished

“Girlfriend?! But corey-bear what about us!” she wined

“There is no us! plus Lanes here is way nicer than you and has some great..” “CORE!” she cut me off blushing a storm

“Well you get the point so either leave me alone or just accept it.” I finished

“Oh don’t worry I will get you out of the hags spell I promise ” she said than ran away

“The only spell around here is the love I feel for you lanes” i said

“Oh core you are so sweet!” she said 
We both headed back to the party and danced our hearts out

An . so what do you think? good bad plz tell me

grojband time travel (part 8)

Grojband time travel part 8 (the awakening and the return)

F Corey POV
My Lanes and past Lanes didn’t wake up yet and we were all worried 
Kon and Katrina were practically sucking each others faces, kin and Kim are making out in a corner , Carry and Larry are whispering soothing things to P me ,Wendy each other and I , Konnie was on the phone with her boyfriend , the Mallory’s are at home cause Brick was tiered and Mr & Mss Mallory are resting but want to know how lanes is doing. past Trina was asleep on a chair . Past Kin & Kon were also there eating chocolate Kon ‘found’ at the factory 
I rolled my eyes at them and waited for my GF to wake up
2 hours later (still F Corey POV)
I didn’t fall asleep along with past me while everyone else were sleeping on each other 

Carry was on Larry’s lap

Kim was on Kin’s lap

Katrina was on Kon’s lap

Past Kin and Kon were back to back

Wendy was on Trina’s shoulder

Konnie was curled up next to them phone in hand

Past me and I were next to each other waiting

Suddenly a doctor came out and we both rushed to him and started asking him about the Lanes
“Issheok,didshewakeup?” We all said at the same time in a rush (and our sleeping friends ,who woke up by our movement and the slamming door)
“Calm down please.” the doctor told us 
“The laney’s?” he asked
We all nodded and he continued
“The younger red head had a big wound on her stomach, a slight concussion and has just woken up from her rest.”
we nodded for him to continue
“The older red head has surprisingly the exact same injuries as the younger one and they’re both cranky.”
He told us . we nodded and went to the girls

P Laney POV
Our friends came rushing in the room and hugged us .
good thing they put me next to my future self so we all hugged but my future self and I were still cranky , after all we were listening to Alivator music for hours along with the worst saxophone solos in history!
Suddenly my boyfriend kissed me roughly on the lips and pulled me on his lap and mumbled an I love you too against my lips 
When we pulled apart we saw the future selves making out roughly and our friends future selves smile knowingly at us and our friends from our time were gawking at us .
Oh yea , I forgot that they didn’t know we were dating
“Hey babe just tell them” said my Core 
“Ok.” I nodded and told them how we started dating and they all “awed” and started congratulating us and my family threatened Core to keep 'it’ in his pants and he almost wet himself while I giggled and pecked his cheek to calm him down. 
We finally arrived at the garage and found the time machine. we all were saying goodbye to the future us and our future friends , I smiled at my boyfriend and he smiled back at me we hugged because we knew that we had to forget our adventure and we have to forget we were dating we started to make out passionately when we heard someone
yell yes
We pulled apart and saw our future selves . F Core was on one knee with a ring on my Future selfs finger 
Aww a proposal and our future selves are engaged !
“I owe kin so much money ” said our Kon 
We both slapped him upside their head and hugged our future selves and congratulated them 
Then we all (past selves)lied down on the grojcouch so they can take the memories of our travel here away

F Corey POV
We took away their memories of their adventure in the future . then an idea struck me, I quickly took a peace of paper and wrote a little reminder for my old self before we sent them home.
“What did you do?’ said my feunce with a smile and a curious look in her eyes 
"Just a reminder for myself ” I told her she rolled her eyes and pecked my cheek 
“I’ll be in our room waiting for you to come ” she I picked her up and took her to our room

5 years ago (corey POV)

I woke up with a start. I looked around and saw lanes next to me, we were on the stage ,Kin and Kon on the couch and Trina was on her car Pinktastic 3 
They slowly woke up and started wondering what happened they all looked at me
“My guess is as good as yours” I told them 
I saw lanes look at me for a bit then shrug her shoulders
“We must of fallen asleep since Trina has slumber berry sent candles everywhere ” she said
“I don’t remember setting these up” said my annoying sister “yea right!” we all told her she just huffed and left the room
The rest of us were talking when I felt something in my pocket
I took it out and saw it was a note with my hand writing 
Corey Riffen sing to Lanes on valentines day and kiss her!
Huh I was already going to do that so I just put it back in my pocket and continued to talk with the band
A.N. Ok now the story is finished I know it probably sucks but hey it’s my first fan fiction. I don’t own any of the characters but I do own this story