yugenparker said:

How is Lana Del Rey Racists?

(I hope you’re being serious) 

Well, first and foremost, her stage names is appropriative as fuck, her real name being, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She uses the otherness of Hispanic Ethnicities to add “allure” and “drama” and “mystery” to her music persona. 

Adopting a name of another ethnicity without having to deal with the fallout of being said ethnicity is appropriative.

And secondly, the inappropriate usage of Native headdresses. Playing into that stupid white-girl-in-a-wheat-field meme that has been dissected so many times that unless you were actively not paying attention, it would be impossible to not know that wearing a headdress out of context is incredibly inappropriate and racist..appropriative.

Hope I answered your question!

A Game of Tags (tagged by Zannis)

Rule 1: Post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions set by the person that tagged you and then ask your own 11 questions.
Rule 3: Tag 6 peeps.
Rule 4: Let them know that you tagged ‘em.

  1. What’s your favourite paranormal phenomenon? (e.g. astral projection)
    Actually, I think astral projection is pretty awesome. It’s the first thing that came to mind lol
  2. For the next month you can only listen to one song of your choice. Which is it?
    Just one? Oy…I suppose “Flower Power” by SNSD. Since it’s probably the only song by them I haven’t listened to 472849237378210137894 times and has no risk of me getting tired of it in a month. 
  3. Favourite movie of 1) Science Fiction 2) Adventure 3) Romantic 4) Comedy
    I’m terrible at picking favorites when it comes to movies, so I’m not even gonna try. Sorry =(
  4. Favourite Series
    Gah -_- I guess…American Horror Story.
  5. Favourite alcoholic drink/cocktail.
    I don’t drink.
  6. You have to go around the globe from where you are now towards the west, north-west and south-west are also acceptable, and you can stop in only ten different places. Which ones do you choose?
    1. Toronto, Canada
    2. Orlando, FL (I have to go to Disney World)
    3. San Fransisco, CA
    4. Honolulu, HI
    5. Tokyo, Japan (duh)
    6. Seoul, South Korea
    7. Shanghai, China
    8. Moscow, Russia (hopefully I don’t get killed)
    9. [wherever Zannis lives], Greece (because I think he’d kill me if I had the opportunity to travel around the world and didn’t visit him lol)
    10. Rome, Italy
    11. Barcelona, Spain
    12. London, England
  7. What kind of coffee/tea, whichever is your favourite, is your favourite and how do you take it?
    I’m not a fan of either. If I ever drink coffee it’s made by a barista, and if I ever drink tea it’s iced and made by Nestea lol
  8. Favourite cartoon/anime as a child?
    My favorite cartoon was between Ed, Edd, and Eddy and Dexter’s Laboratory, and my favorite anime was Sailor Moon.
  9. One cartoon/anime you still love and watch?
    I still love the cartoons and anime I listed above, but I don’t really watch cartoons anymore and I rarely watched anime. I guess my favorite cartoon now is Young Justice, but they keep doing this annoying thing where they show two episodes and then go on hiatus for 2-3 months. Anime…the last anime that I watched and really got into was Detective Conan (or Case Closed), but I stopped watching it years ago because it has 20 seasons, 25+ episodes per season, not to mention the movies, OVAs, and specials! But I don’t know; hopefully I’ll have plenty of free time this vacation, so maybe I’ll add it to the list of shows I’d like to watch.
  10. You get a chance to regenerate, like the Doctor, but you get to choose your new looks, like Two. How do you look and what is your “trademark” outfit?
    I’d probably want to look like Idris Elba (but not him, so there’d hopefully be a running joke about how much I look like him even though I’m not) and my trademark outfit would be grey suit with a black shirt and tie.
  11. Beards. Yay or nay?
    Depends…Santa Claus? No. Nick? Yes.

I’m too tired and lazy to think up new questions, so I’ll just take the ones Zannis answered:

  1. Is there a video game or a show on the telly, or anything from music to whatever that you wouldn’t watch/play/listen to just because everyone tells you to do it? (Basically, I am asking which one)
  2. Do you have a folder with response GIFs?
  3. Who is your Patron Troll? (For non-Homestucks, reply with zodiac sign)
  4. Name something that you were watching when you were a kid.
  5. Name three good traits of yourself.
  6. Have someone else name three good traits of yours.
  7. Do you prefer reading books in a physical form or on the computer/Kindle/whatever you have?
  8. In your opinion, who should play the 12th Doctor?
  9. Would you go skydiving, bungee-jumping or anything else that has to do with falling from very high and shizz?
  10. What are your plans for the upcoming vacation?
  11. If you had the chance to go to any country you want, where would you go?

And I’ll tag:


coreywear said:

When it feels wrong to say something it tends to be the best time to say it.

That’s true. My one co-worker said something about “why do we keep dogs as pets but kill rats without a second thought” and then my other co-worker said “for the same reason I prefer a nice clean hygienic woman to a dirty skank ho-bag” and I just sort of went the fuck off on him and now he’s been apologizing for the last 20 minutes and I refuse to say “It’s okay” because I just really don’t want to make him feel better about himself

Unfortunately it’s also made the tension in this office super thick rn and I’m terrible in awkward situations