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Considering that the IRL example of Mike with black eyes was kinda creepy, if Mike became like that while doing the diddly do with Doll, I think Doll would be freaked out because shit black eyes makes him look kinda demonic? IDK.


Pirate Trouble in Pizzadice

Jeremy has trouble keeping track of the animatronics one night and calls Mike for help, especially since one persistent fox can’t seem to take a hint and leave him alone!

Written by snapfoo and edited by the FNAFF Parlour Writer, AvecPardon, special contribution by coresilence.

Based on the Parlourverse version of rebornica’s AU.

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This probably won't send (nothing ever does with me), but I'd just really like to know: What's the song for that Phone Guy post of yours? The one where he's twerking? I really like the song, and I wanna hear the full thing. Thank you in advance, and I hope you can have a pleasant evening/early morning despite the annoying day. (or from what I've gathered)

Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce

HI and welcome to the first insteallment iof MSen draws before going to bed.

Todays drawing consists of Knight Man fro m Mega man 6 blocking an agressive lemon because Jekyll gave me late night feels. Also for some reason I used the brush brush (no really it’s called Brush in sai) for the lineart and colouring wot? also I can’t write and lack the energy to correct myself

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Here's a suggestion (yeah I don't like to suggest actual prompts and stuff, but I like helping make things work). Why not, instead of angry, the 5th child was freaked out. Maybe she could feel the presence of the Killer around, skulking more closely than usual. And in a wave of panic, takes over Mike and becomes more violent. Jeremy notices this and tries to help calm the two down, but the 5th can't even register friend from foe with how anxious she is. Cue the hit and all that. Does that help?

Perfecto! Tres bien! I’ll work on that after this next chapter of CABaMS and 12 Nights part 2.

Oof, and I still need to get through the planning stages of the other AU fics. XD so many stories, so few hands to type with!

ok so coresilence suggested i do this so here goes.

Ib AU.

I was thinking something along the lines of Jeremy=Ib and Mike=Garry (except not nearly as timid)

And after a bit of thinking, I decided Mary’s equivalent would be…

Lil Vinny. (With a purple rose instead of yellow.)

so yeah!

just a couple doodles, but eh

other than those three, i’ve only figured out who the 4 ghost kids would be. haven’t figured out about 5th child yet, but i haven’t really had much time to ponder it since i just thought of it this morning.

i figured they’d be like the Lady paintings; so instead of the Lady in Red or the Lady in Blue or Lady in Green, etc., they’d be the Child in Purple, Child in Yellow, Child in Brown, and Child in Red.

(can’t really see the colors too well on that; oh well)

then i uh

i did a thing. sticking under a read more cause it’s kinda long.

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How well do you think each ghost child would do as the night guard in either FNAF 1 or FNAF 2?

Snappy and I couldn’t figure out how to answer, so we let our friend Coresilence give it a go.

Violet would be best at it with great survival instincts given her dad is Vincent and her mom Mahogany.

Faith would be really good since she has a strong will to survive.

Sofia probably wouldn’t get hired anyway being she can’t move as fast as needed to hit lights or door switches.

Tan could go either way, depends on if he’s paying attention to what’s happening and doesn’t get fooled/forgets to check cameras.

And Fredrick would get killed pretty easily for only paying attention to himself and his immediate surroundings. He’d be the guy to forget to watch Pirate Cove or wind the box.

She got them all pretty good, don’t ya think? :D

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I think this is one of my favorite things from the fandom and I couldn’t pass up wanting to voice it so with permission from the artist of this beautiful master piece I hope you enjoy it I am quite proud of this one <3 and during the amount of takes on Mikey because having to listen through Jeremy’s lines kept making me want to cry hadflasjkdfh I love this comic so mucchhhhh

Jeremy/New guy belongs to Rebornica

all the voices are mine and thank you again to Coresilence for permission I had fun doing this, thank you <3