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8/28/13: Patrick Kane - On Leadership (X)

"…Yeah, I think experience helps. I feel I’ve become a better leader every year, as time’s went on. Obviously we have a great leader in Toews in Chicago, and a couple of other guys in Sharp and Keith, but you learn from them, and everyone’s different - I mean, everyone has their own way they can lead, or be a presence in the locker room, or lead by example, whatever it may be.

"But I feel I’ve definitely evolved and come a long way since I came into the league.

"I’d probably be the guy that keeps it more loose around the room and tries to joke around with guys before the game or keep things funny and having a fun mentality around the room, because we have a guy that can keep it serious pretty easy in our locker room, which is good - it’s good to have different personalities in the locker room.

"I mean, a lot of guys do their own thing and say their own thing, and we have a lot of different leaders, but I definitely view myself as more vocal.

"I think that’s part of growing up and evolving as a person, but, like you said, as far as keeping it loose, maybe that’s in different ways than it was back in 2010, or 2009; it’s maybe more on the rink now with the guys instead of outside the rink, I guess, and you always try and become a better person and doing the things the right way and being a professional, but I feel I’m as prepared as anyone when I go out on the ice these days, and can go out there and play, and I guess when you feel that way the only way you can feel is that you’re gonna play well when you know you’re that prepared.

"So I love the game of hockey, I love being part of it; I think I know a lot about it and people might not view me as competitive as I really am. That’s why I always say myself and Jonny are very similar in that way: we’re both very competitive, not only on the ice but with each other in a friendly competition, but I love the game and I want to do well."