Official records show that the Battle of Circinius IV, which resulted in the glassing of the planet and the annihilation of the entire population save for three cadets of the Corbulo Academy of Military Science, took place in the year 2526. Kelly-087 and Fred-104, along with the rest of the SPARTAN-II candidates, were born in 2511, making them fifteen years old at the time.

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Day By Day; Entry Fifteen


It’s ancient Latin, used in Rome by clergymen to appraise rising stars amongst their order. Later it was adopted by the Legion as a battle cry, and the last words uttered by General Corbulo before he fell upon his own sword at the utterance of Nero.

It translates to, “I am worthy.”

Consider: for that to be a battlecry of the Legionnaires, footsoldiers and canon fodder to be ground against the foreign hordes that threatened the rule of Rome, for every single one of those infinitesimal men to shout, “I am worthy!” as they marched to their deaths, for Corbulo to say it as he was forced to execute himself on the whims of a spoilt brat…

Personally, I find it inspiring.

Self esteem is a taxing thing, not suited to our generation. “Why are so few of us left active, healthy, and without personality disorders?” The Romans conquered half the world once, and they understood that each and every one of them was worthy before such greater men and gods than they.



Old Models


It was Brother Corbulo that got me into WH40K originally.  I mean, seriously, the guy is holding a chainsaw as big as he is and screaming out a war cry - and this is a MEDIC?!  I had to get in on that.  

After some looking around early in playing 40K, I found that he’s not the only old model I’m fond of.  

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Der Krieg des Corbulo gegen die Parther unter Nero bei Tacitus

Aus Das Partherreich und seine Zeugnisse, Joseph Wiesehöfer (ED), Stuttgart 1998, S. 296: “Die armenische Frage blieb auch unter Nero akut, der militärische Maßnahmen ergriff und Corbulo mit der Kriegführung beauftragte; die Ereignisse, die mit der Person dieses Feldherrn verbunden sind, hat Tacitus auf mehrere Bücher verteilt (ann. 13, 6-9, 34-41; 14, 23-26; 15, 1-18, 24-31). Die letzte Nachricht, die sich auf die Ereignisse bezieht, ist die von der Ankunft der Tiridates in Rom (ann. 16, 23), der von Nero als König in Armenien eingesetzt zu werden begehrt, und, wie wir aus Cassius Dio wissen (63, 1 ff.), auch eingesetzt wurde.”


Halo 4 players, check out this cool site: http://www.armorwatcher.com/desktop.php#bodyh4gc

I’m pretty average when it comes to stats, but I love playing Halo 4 online. It’s the reason why I’m back on Xbox Live!

I love the Corbulo emblem I got when I purchased the Map Pass. It came on a code on my receipt from (gasp) GameStop. I haven’t seen any one else use it online, so I’m pretty proud of it! :D