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wisterofelas asked:

HI! I really hope u can help me. For the past 16 years of my life I've been very indecisive about the colors of my room and what I want it to be like. Nothing in my room even corresponds and it's just a mess! I fell in love with the plum and bow mirrored bird bedding from urban outfitters but I don't know what other things could decorate my room. Like what color should the walls be and are the colors in the bed red and blue or salmon pink and blue? I love coral and deep blue together. HELP!

Hi :)

So this is the bedding:

I would say it’s more of a salmon pink on the inside, and different shades of dark blue on the outside, so the best wall colour in my opinion would just be white walls (can’t go wrong there! and so much easier to decorate around). Or a kind of very light beige-pink colour like below, or a very pale blue:

I can’t put up pictures for each of these items or else the post would be too long but check out these decor pieces:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Once you stick to this colour scheme I would suggest you keep your room mainly white, coral and other shades of pink, and navy blue and other shades of blue.

Hope that helped! xo 

No time for much this morning but at least the makeup is more Summery than my mood!

#BobbiBrown Shimmering Sands palette - I owe you guys swatches for this!
#BobbiBrown Longwear Gel Liner in Black Ink
#Dior Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition blush 002 Coral Sunset
#Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet No302 Peony Rose

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Coral utilizes two swords to parry attacks from all sides, in a sense, fulfilling the offensive and defensive roles of Pearl’s spear/sword and Rose’s shield.  The fusion manifests with a secondary face/mask, as seen on the temple and Alexandrite.  Perhaps she breaks the trend of extra arms due to the particularly strong bond between Rose and Pearl.

I thought Coral would be perfect because it’s a beautiful pink/red, but technically comes in white and other colors. I also liked how it was biologically/ocean derived like pearls.

This was a lot of fun! It’s a bit sketchy but I think that works herel

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