We're all replaceable.

I worked with a woman once who said, “Interns are here to remind us that there are people who want our job.” And there are a lot of interns out there that want our job—yeah you, guy who’s writing brochure copy for that one financial institution. People want your job.

Millions of people have watched Mad Men and now crave the carb-filled snack closet, beer fridge, ping-pong table, summer Fridays and apparel autonomy. It’s good to remember that and it’s good to have a little bit of fear knowing you could be replaced any day by one of thousands of brat ad school kids who just got back from their quarter away in Hamburg. 

Confession: sometimes I wish I had become an NFL quarterback. Or a racecar driver. Either/or. The fact is I don’t always love my job. I think most people that have jobs feel that way from time to time. And that’s fine but I’ll never be in the NFL and I could be shoveling rats into an incinerator. So while I’ve read stories from starry-eyed dreamers who rattle off bullshit like, “If you don’t like your job, just get a new one!” And while that is true (if you don’t like your job, start looking for a new one) people who think jobs are dispensable in this industry are wrong. They’re hard to get. And if you don’t get a job you can’t pay Sallie Mae and if you can’t pay Sallie Mae she will come for you and chop off your fingers. I hate Sallie Mae. 

For the most part I need my job. I need my fingers. For the most part I like my job. For the most part I try to crack jokes and be a good little copywriter. And there are many days where I think I could get fired at any moment. It’s motivating and it’s probably a good thing to keep a little bit of that feeling around just as added motivation—even if we have to write brochure copy for that one financial institution.

Somebody is going to get paid to play ping-pong after lunch and it might as well be us. 

Một năm


Một năm trước, mình chuẩn bị ra trường, căng thẳng và mệt mỏi với ý nghĩ không thể xin được việc làm. Tất cả CV gửi đi đều không nhận được hồi đáp, không một nơi gọi đi phỏng vấn. Những ngày tháng đó thật kinh khủng, mỗi đêm đều lén khóc một ít, rồi lại cười tươi trước mặt mọi người. Trong cơn tuyệt vọng, mình viết thư cho giám đốc một công ty - là sếp mình bây giờ, nói rằng mình là con hải âu vừa mới nở ra trong cuốn truyện của Luis Sepúlveda và xin con mèo béo (tức là sếp) một lời khuyên làm cách nào để bay thật xa. Could you tell me how to fly far far away? Không biết có phải thương tình cho con nhỏ tội nghiệp quá không, mà sếp nhận mình thiệt, sếp cho mình cơ hội chứng tỏ một quả trứng rớt lại bên cảng Hamburg, nở ra ngơ ngác cũng có thể biết bay, và bay xa.

Sau một năm, sếp gửi thư cho mình, nói Hải Âu đã biết bay rồi đó, con. Cảm ơn con đã bay cùng công ty. Con chim non ngồi yên một góc, không biết nên cảm thấy gì. Suốt cả ngày chầu chực ở studio, suốt cả tối lăn lộn ở liveshow, suốt cả đêm thức mần cho xong cái script cũng không xi-nhê. Vậy mà vài dòng chữ con con lại làm người ta muốn khóc.

"We all have 1 life, the more we can reach the more we can live đúng ko con :)"

Coolness Graphed Book Deal

Two years ago I started drawing bar graphs as a release from the creative frustration and boredom I was experiencing at work.

A year and a half ago, I started the Coolness Graphed blog on Tumblr. I didn’t know how the graphs would be received, but Tumblr seemed like a good place to share them.

Less than three months later, Jason Oberholtzer of I Love Charts wrote a piece about Coolness Graphed on Forbes.com. I knew then that I was on to something, mostly because the people I see reading Forbes look really important and probably know five different ways to tie a tie.

A piece on the Pleated Jeans blog, an article on MSN.com and plenty of tweets spread the word to a larger audience, making my handwriting so well-known that I’ll never be able to write a ransom note anonymously.

Less than a year ago I got an email that I could tell was very important because it contained the phrase “you had us at ‘sporklift.’”

Today, I’m excited and proud to announce that Coolness Graphed is now a book from the awesome folks at Knock Knock.

The book, designed by Mia Natsume, has 50 of the most popular graphs from the Tumblr and looks super cool.

Read more about the Coolness Graphed book and preorder online now at KnockKnockStuff.com or soon at Amazon.com. And look for the book soon at Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters and other places you might expect to find books with elementary sketches of bar charts.

Thanks to all of you who have liked, reblogged, and shared my graphs over the years (including the 9,800 Tumblr followers). Obviously I wouldn’t be making this announcement without you.

More to come,

RC Jones

Crafting the right headline requires heavy-duty skills. #headline #copywriter #copywriting #adagency #miniature

Junior Creative All Rounder needed for new Creative Content Agency

We’re currently working on behalf of a leading London agency to find a talented junior conceptual creative with skills in both art direction and copy to join the team.

You will be joining a brand new department, headed up by two big names in the industry, with exciting plans for expansion next year.

The key to this role is top notch conceptual skills – you will be responsible for coming up with and developing creative ideas across a range of clients. This role will have a particular focus on branded content and broadcast sponsorship, so think ‘non-traditional creative’.
Ideally looking for a well rounded creative with equal talent in both art direction and copy but additional skills also welcome.
We’re looking for someone calm under pressure, can manage multiple projects concurrently and is unafraid of the p word (pitch!). Great opportunity to work with some top brands and take ownership of creative projects.

This is a junior role, although we are looking for some experience (6mths to 2 years would be ideal) under your belt in an agency environment and some live work to show for it.


· Demonstrable skills in both art direction and long & short form copy

· Proven experience in a creative environment

· Ability to work individually or as part of a team

· Experience of fully integrated cross platform creative solutions

We’re looking to shortlist and interview on this one as soon as possible. Please apply with your CV and portfolio to kneill@nakamalondon.com 

I’m expecting quite a lot of applications on this one, will do my best get back to everyone as quick as possible but fell free to call me for updates.

Here at Nakama, we recruit for lots of freelance and permanent roles for agencies and brands around London.