Ok, not done an update for a while so here goes …

Not much more major has been done on the code side of things however a number of tweaks have taken place. Thinking about it I have actually re-written the ‘battle’ functions as the old version on the odd occasion forgot that the battle in a zone was over! Anyway, that’s all alot better. Also only items that can be built in a zone are shown in the inventory section. Kinda handy as there’s nothing worse than spending ages researching something you can build.

Oh a graphics side, I’d like to aim to have some new character base sprites ready to roll by the end of this month (feb 2011) so I’ll see how I get on. Each character takes up 16 sprites and then you have to X that by 4 teams … so in total your looking at 64 sprites per troop character.

Also just a little thing about blitting and copying pixels in AS2. You don’t have to have a separate alpha mask image for cutting out sprites as I was getting at in an earlier post. You can reference the same sprite sheet which includes your alpha and it all works…

Land ahoy