coptic binding


This is the monster book I made for my bookmaking final.

It has almost 200 folios, hard bound with an extended coptic stitch and featuring a recessed frame in the cover. The pages are all scraps and old proofs from my printmaking classes this year along with saved pages from an anarchist planner, scraps of handmade paper and an old art history slide book. It took probably around 25-30 hours total to bind. It was actually really fun to make and I was kind of sad when I got to the last folio.

It’s really sculptural and fun to play with, like a slinkie in book form.

good morning, tumblr! I’m so glad you liked the binding job I did on The Shoebox Project. FYI here are some of the nitty/gritty/boring details:

  • NOT BORING: The Shoebox Project is my favourite fanfic of all time and omg Lady Jaida and Rave (sashayed.tumblr) OR WHATEVER NAMES YOU GO BY now I just love you, k? Also I shamelessly copied the title artwork from Rave. THANK YOU.

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