And viola! A delicious meal is had. The flavour of these mushrooms is vastly superior to a button mushroom. The texture of the youngest mushrooms with unbroken veils is best. As they get older and the gills expand, the flesh gets much tougher and chewier. Don’t eat Wine Caps once the top turns from concave to convex. 

There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that eating large quantities of these mushrooms inhibits the bodies ability to break down alcohol temporarily, to a very unpleasant effect. This is certainly well within the realm of the fungi kingdom’s pharmacological abilities. Coprine, a mushroom alkaloid is well known for causing alcoholics intensely unpleasant side effects. Likely there are low quantities of this alkaloid or similar in Wine Caps. Perhaps they should be called “Anti Wine Caps.” It is unlikely that you will achieve this effect an occasional meal though.