SEIZURE. Photo credits: Artangel

Following from a previous post on copper sulphate I came across the work of Roger Hiorns in SEIZURE. The play on words is really interesting I suppose it could be taken as taking or to seize something. Or the literal term to have a epileptic seizure.

SEIZURE was Hiorns’ most ambitious work to date and his first major sculptural project within an urban site, and it marked a radical shift in scale and context in his work. The artist encouraged the growth of an unexpected crystal form within a low-rise late-modernist development near the Elephant & Castle in south London. ArtAngel

The medium of the copper sulphate in the urban site of 151 - 189 Harper Rd links really well to this concept of possession through it’s colour and eventual shape. It was created with 75,000 litres of copper sulphate solution being pumped into the council flat. These crystals grew creating this alien and beautiful growths across the space. Read more on the project here and art on logikblok.  


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copper gorget necklace, Kristen Dorsey (Chickasaw)

This large and striking crescent gorget design is inspired by contemporary Chickasaw men’s and women’s necklace designs. The bold crescent of copper reflects the traditional gorget’s worn by men from southeastern tribes.  The intricate hand chased linear pattern reflects the geometric patterns of beads on contemporary Chickasaw women’s necklaces worn for stomp dances and gatherings. The copper is a culturally significant material and the piece hangs on an adjustable heavy sterling silver chain.  


Stash Tea

Back in the days when tea was transported by ships, the captain got the finest selection for him self, called his “stash”. This is where the name of the U.S. tea brand originates from. With this Story in mind Rachel Minier created this packaging concept that should reflect the sea as well as the gradation of colors that occurs when tea is steeped.

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Azurite nodule, bisected…

The bright blue and green copper carbonate minerals azurite and malachite are known as secondary minerals, because in the geological sequence that leads to lovely specimens like the one in the photo they form from pre existing elements and minerals, replacing them with something more appropriate for the environmental conditions. In the case of these beauties the journey likely started with hot copper rich fluid being expelled from a crystallising granite somewhere in the depths of the Earth. Conditions were anoxic and the copper was carried in a loose bond with an element such as sulphur or chlorine, until the fluid encountered a change in chemical or pressure/temperature conditions that forced some elements out of solution.

They probably crystallised as sulphide minerals, in this case either forming or replacing a nodule in the sediments. Later, as the rocks containing the nodule were slowly uncovered by erosion and oxygen and carbonate rich water started to percolate down from the surface the sulphides were transformed into carbonates, while retaining the shape of the initial concretion.


Image credit: LGF Foundation.

Psychic Shield necklace, made with natural peach aura quartz points and a hand-forged copper circle. Peach aura quartz can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. It further acts as a protective stone, providing for an encompassing barrier of energy around the user.


In this tutorial I will show you haw to make rings, with a technique based off many artefacts from the period. These techniques can be used to produce a wide variety of rings for many uses (finger rings, amulet rings, various fittings), as well as an attachment for bangles and other ring like objects.
A number of artefacts from the period can be found in the flickr account of the Swedish History Museum https://www.flickr.com/photos/historiska  (Also a great resource for HD pictures of many artefacts)