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Crisis reportage in the twenty-first century has evolved into an independent discipline — almost a science. The money, the technology, and the orchestrated mass hysteria that goes into crisis reporting has a curious effect. It isolates the crisis, unmoors it from the particularities of the history, the geography, the culture that produced it. Eventually it floats free like a hot-air balloon, carrying its cargo of international gadflies — specialists, analysts, foreign correspondents, and crisis photographers with their enormous telephoto lenses.
—  Arundhati Roy, An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire

BY Comrade Black It really pisses me off when I hear some punk kid or anarchist claim they are boycotting Nike (or whichever other giant corporation). Not because I think they should be supporting Nike, but simply because it shows a lack of any understanding of what a boycott is. And if we desire to be effective, we need to have a clear understanding of what different tactics and strategies actually are.

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Meet Peter Brabeck, former CEO, now Chairman of the Nestle food coorporation.

The Nestle foodstuff coorporation is the largest of its kind in the modernworld, with turnovers of about 65 billion dollars and a mere 275,000 workers world wide.

That should give you a picture of just how wealthy this man is. 

Now Mr. Brabeck believes that ALL of our water should be owned and sold by major coorporations, like Nestle. Furthermore, he believes that water should not be considered a natural right, that Nature has always proven to be “pitiless”, and that there has never been one case of illness that occured from eating genetically modified foods. This man is the embodiment of everything I hate in society. I disagree with him on all three fronts, as I’m sure many of you do as well.

Brabeck’s sociopathic tendencies have led him to fund attacks against GMO labeling, completely destroy struggling rural areas without any means of compensation, and even conduct business with slavery rings. All of which is stated in the reports below:

“Nestlé production of mineral water involves the abuse of vulnerable water resources. In the Serra da Mantiqueira region of Brazil, home to the “circuit of waters” park whose groundwater has a high mineral content and medicinal properties, over-pumping has resulted in depletion and long-term damage.”

“In 2001, Nestlé faced criticism for buying cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Ghana, which may have been produced using child slaves.[58] According to an investigative report by the BBC, hundreds of thousands of children in Mali, Burkina Faso and Togo were being purchased from their destitute parents and shipped to the Ivory Coast, to be sold as slaves to cocoa farms.”

So is water a natural right?

Or should it be sold to us by major coorporations?

I’ll leave that up to you, but im currently cleansing my house of everything Nestle. I suggest you do the same.

"To do the necessary product analysis, Walmart founded the Sustainability Consortium, a university-hosted group. It has since attracted 75 corporate members, including Monsanto and McDonald’s, each of which must contribute at least $100,000 to the effort. To run the consortium, Walmart chose two academic institutions with which it has close ties: the Applied Sustainability Center, which is part of the University of Arkansas’ Sam M. Walton College of Business and was established in 2007 with a grant from the Walmart Foundation, and Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability, whose board of directors is co-chaired by Rob Walton, son of Walmart founder Sam Walton and chair of Walmart’s own board.” 

They’re just so damn good about covering all their bases. 

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News about Yuzuru CM and behind the scenes. When a staff of the filming (somehow) being tripped over on the ice rink, Yuzuru (who was checking the scenes on the tv screen of the director) was immediately look over towards that staff and asking “Are you okay?” Then went over to that staff to check his condition. He even helped the staffs. He coorporated his skating movements and checked what the director and the staffs wanted to (if i’m not wrong, he asked how long he should be doing the Donut spin, etc). HOW MUCH KIND THIS YOUNG MAN COULD BE??? I RESPECT HIM SO MUCH :D

Fuck you.

I would just like to say a big old fat fuck you to the banks, and a fuck you to landlords and a fuck you to all other slimy wealthy businessmen all over the world.

Some of you are decent, but most of you suck. You are petty, selfish, disgusting, repulsive, blood sucking goddamn mother-fucking fuckheads.

For what you did to me, for what you did to my boyfriend, for what you did to everyone ‘beneath’ you: Fuck you TD, fuck you Riverview Place, fuck you any other goddamn fucking organizations that have put people with nothing into an even lessened ability to survive. For claiming as yours what was never yours. For being so greedy as to deprive people for your mistakes. 

You will never have my forgiveness. I don’t care if it’s your “job.” I don’t care that you’re just “following policy.” You fucking suck, and I hate you and everything you stand for.


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I’m walking through your streets
Where all your money’s earning
Where all your buildings crying
And clueless neckties working
Revolving fake lawn houses
Housing all your fears
Desensitized by T.V.

Overbearing advertising
God of consumers
And all your crooked pictures looking good
Mirrors filtering information through the public eye
Designed for profit sharing
Your neighbor, what a guy

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom,
Every time you drop a bomb
You kill the god your child has born
Boom, Boom, Boom,

Modern globalization
Coupled with condemnations
Unnecessary death
Matador corporations
Puppeting your frustrations with a blinded flag
Manufacturing consent is the name of the game
The bottom line is money nobody gives a ****

4000 hungry children
Leave us per hour from starvation
While billions are spent on bombs
Creating death showers

Why  Must We Kill Our Own Kind?

in continuation of the last post, here are all the brands Proctor and Gamble, or PG, own. Remember, not all of these brands test their products on animals, but many of them do, including CoverGirl, ALL of the fragrance brands, and Tampax and Always which test their bleaches on animals.

Number 1 reason why that’s sketchy as fuck, there’s bleach going into your vagina. Number 2, that bleach had to be rubbed into little bunnies’ eyes in order to make sure it’s not going to directly poison your vagina. The long term effects, however, of putting bleach in vaginas are unknown so far. SO another reason not to use super creepy unsustainable tampons, but that’s another rant altogether. :)

if you are buying any of the products from brands listed below, and there are a lot of them so you probably are in some way, then you are giving money to a company that conducts cruel animal testing. Please please reconsider what you’re buying. There are ALWAYS suitable, cruelty-free, alternatives.

Beauty and Grooming:

Always (yeah..the pads)


Crest (yeah..the toothpaste)

Escada Fragrances


Herbal Essences

Naomi Campbell






Anna Sui

Christina Aguilera Perfumes



Gucci Fragrances


Natural Instincts

Old Spice



Tampax (yeah..the tampons)


Clairol Professional

Dolce & Gabbana


HUGO BOSS Fragrances

Lacoste Fragrances

Nice ‘n Easy

Oral-B (yeah..the toothpaste)






Dunhill Fragrances


Head & Shoulders





Sebastian Professional

Vidal Sassoon

Cleaning and Other:




Dreft Laundry










Mr. Clean














Prilosec OTC


Even if the #IceBucketChallenge didn’t exist, people in less developed countries would still be dying from lack of clean water Because their governments sold off the rights to water distribution to a coorporation that’s based in a 1st world country… If you’re going to make an arguement, get the facts right. #Truth #YEG #IceBucketChallenge #KaptainAfrika #YYC #YYZ #416 #403 #780 #587

Musician homework... mlegh

even tho i always say i hate studying. I study a bunch of stuff.
Most of all - Music. Studying chords, songs, writing them, rewriting them, rewriting the rewritten song and so on. But the most times i study music, its like having a PTA next week. I rush myself into the songs - needing to know them by ear, by heart and by mind. When does this happen? The moment I start coorporating with other musicians.. here’s my set.. of Jazz songs that I adore. From 1909 till 2014. Wow, music really lasts.


Question time: round 2 !

Rule 1: Always post rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post -> people don’t notice it so !

I got tagged by my friend rammgirl20 :3

Her questions:

1. What’s your celebrity crush? That be JJ Feild <3 *o*

2. Dogs or cats? Kittiesssss <3

3. What’s your dream travel destination? Well anywhere where it’s warm, sunny, beautiful and with history ! A Spanish speaking country would be convenient as well. Mexico for starters?

4. Dream job? Something where my studies come in useful; something Spanish: maybe in a coorporation with foreign countries, dealing with the communication.

5. Favourite song? Lots ! Ich tu dir weh, Asche, but also many of Hurts.

6. Who’s the person that supports you most? No one? I don’t know. My dad I think. And my mum.

7. Who is the person that inspires you? The Muses !

8. Which band do you want to see live and which you have already seen? I want to see Rammstein again, I’d like to see Emigrate, Metallica and Hurts live.

9. What’s your biggest dream? To make something of my life. Not just existing, but living.

10. Favourite movie? Hard pick. Austenland, Pirates, Lotr, World’s End, Resident Evil’s…

11. Favourite food? Pizza ! And much much more. I especially like Mediterranean food ! (Greek, Spanish, Italian…)

Now: I’ve already come up with 11 questions, and I thought it really difficult, so I’m gonna leave it here ! Cheerio !