Right i’m off because this is probably the only time to have a decent good nights sleep for this week! ERM BUT ALSO I’LL SEE YOU ALL ON THE OTHERSIDE AFTER LEAKYCON, BAR HANNAH BECAUSE I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW! Also other people who are going to leaky and have talked to me this week I’ll see you there (cough grace & miriam cough) :’)

I’ll miss you all! 

Remember Charlotte will be blog-sitting I am sorry if it turns into a twilight blog, she really wants to do that!  

I don’t even know if there is a tag for the Blaine/Kurt/Sebastian/Cooper foursome so I’m tagging this with all three Blaine ships (it does have some Cooplaine, Klaine and Seblaine). This is a little fluffy foursome NC-17 porn ficlet with boypussy!Blaine and really, that’s all it is. Ryker talked about this idea and it just couldn’t leave me alone.

Warnings: sex, foursome, established polyamourous relationship, incest, boypussy, triple penetration (ass/pussy/mouth), um… that’s it, I think.

Fanfiction.Net: So Good To Me

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I’LL SEND YOU AN ASK SO WE CAN FIND EACH OTHER! (or you can friend me on fb if you want and we can message that way!) Have a good flight!

WHEEE GRACE!! Well hopefully we can get the wifi in the hotel so either way is totally fine with me if you want to friend me on fb go for it: http://www.facebook.com/BetthhB - just message me to tell me it’s you :’)