The Myth of Communism and Socialism debunked through hearing from someone who has actually Lived it and contrasting it with Capitalism in America.

Ownership Sharing: Capitalism and the Fear of Collectivism (by Living Income Guaranteed)

In 1927, Josiah Warren (often referred to as the first American anarchist and a current libertarian idol) created a general store with prices based on the labor system of value.  Warren went on to attempt to create several utopian communities, inspired by the work of Welsh social reformer Robert Owen.

FIFA 15 bloquea el 'Share Play' de PS4 y ya son 14 los juegos que lo impiden

FIFA 15 bloquea el ‘Share Play’ de PS4 y ya son 14 los juegos que lo impiden

Cuando Sony anunció su nueva y flamante PlayStation 4, muchos fuimos los que vimos en Share Play su funcionalidad más revolucionaria y probablemente una de las más destacadas. Para quien no sepa en que consiste este servicio, decir que permite invitar a jugar a un amigo de forma cooperativa a un juego que el no tenga en su estantería (o pasarle el control de nuestro personaje en cualquier modo…

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Zake Literal (Individual Paper)

What is Magdalo? 

The Samahang Magdalo is a registered non-profit, non-stock socio-civin Filipino oranization. Signed on the 9th of September in the year 2010 by Benito A. Cataran (A director from the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commision). Gary Cajolo Alejano is the founding president of this organization, as Rajah Danny P. Orfiano currently serving as the National President.

What is Magdalo’s Mission and Vision?

Magdalo’s mission is to create a culture filled with selflessness through service from the members as they advocate social justice, vigilance in regards to crime and corruption, protection of the environment and social awareness. They strive to influence the Filipino society as they instill an attitude of self reliance and cooperativism among them.

Their vision is to have a peaceful nation that progresses and perspires with social justice.

Magdalo’s Core Values:






In reading this, I became very fascinated because Samahang Magdalo’s mission, vision, and goal is very idealistic and I know that it is very nice to hear or to imagine but it is very hard to achieve and to maintain. I think everyone who loves their country and wants it to progress want what Magdalo wants to happen to the Philippines. Now that I’ve read and heard of what Magdalo says on paper, I want to see what they do to actually make this happen. This is why my groupmates and I will visit them to observe (and even participate) in what happens inside the organization. I hope after my visit I too will be inspired and influenced by them and their ideals and actions.

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TOUCH this image: Magnum Photos is an international photographic cooperativ…