my SAI looks like…

this is how my SAI looks like, here are some answers for some very old question I continute received everyday:

+ I sketch and paint on Paint Tool Sai, all brushes are in this program, I still have no idea how to create and set new brushes…but it doesnt matter anw

+ my steps doing one simple painting: sketch->set another layer as multiply, for color shading->merge down and paint beautifully->edit in PS

+ how to get the strong brush strokes, and painting-like: my digital techniques is the same techniques I do in acrylic and oil painting, so ,anyone who want to create something similar like that, practice more., you sit there without doing anything and expect something greater for yourself , not sh*t man

+ if you ask about those “fart” effects, yeah, I farted and the smoke accidentally come out nowhere teehee so coolv

Man it seems like yesterday I first seen you as a back-Up dancer for Digital Underground (Shouts To Shock G) then became bigger than life itself and touched the world your job was done at a early age and so wiser than most men almost triple your age thank you for making us believe in the poser of unity and creating a nation of T-H-U-G-Z ~Cool V~



Contrary to popular belief, a person who leads a “Thug Life” is not a criminal. The acronym made popular by the great rapper Tupac Shakur has nothing to do with being a “gangsta” or anything of the sort, rather, it stands for all the socially oppressive things we are taught at a young age that negatively affects us (or society) as adults.

When parents teach their children to hate a certain group of people because they are “different” than them, that in turn “fucks everyone,” and the people who are victims of that hate, live a “Thug Life”

Many people who aren’t familiar with Tupac’s work commonly mistaken the phrase as someone who is a “gangsta”, lowlife, “criminal,” etc. not realizing that there is much more to the acronym than meets the eye .

Pac - Reached One & Teached One ~Cool V~