yonguns kpop songs of 2014 ( listen. )

  • make a playlist with 10-20 of your favorite kpop songs of 2014
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LOCO ft Jay park - thinking about you /// GD X TAEYANG - good boy /// AOA - like a cat /// BEAST - 12:30 /// BEAST - good luck /// T-ARA - sugar free /// KARA - mama mia /// WINNER - empty /// HA:TFELT - aint nobody /// SISTAR - touch my body /// F(X) - red light /// 2NE1 - come back home /// BESTIE - thank u very much /// Boys Republic - video game

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promo results !!!!!!

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anonymous asked:

<<no one is innosent>> you say but at least bellamy shot jaha to save his sister and finn killed for clarke.. and kane wanted to save oxygen when he killed those 300 people so your murphy is the only real murderer here

You walked right into this one bruh

If you hate on Murphy because, even though the two guys he killed were his executioners, “murder is murder no matter what” I am ok with it. Fair argument.

But then

you tell me that Bellamy is ok when shooting Jaha, a person whose only crime was enforcing the law on the Ark, because “he did it for his sister”

and you tell me that Finn killing 18 totally innocent people is neato because he “did it for Clarke”

Why doesn’t the “murder is murder” rule apply to them too then?
Where does “murder is coolio beans if you do it for L0V3” fit into your argument? Pick one, anon.

maryloubird asked:

What's on your playlist right now?

  • Salt N Pepa - Independent
  • TLC - Creep
  • JJ Fad - Supersonic
  • Destiny’s Child - Girl
  • En Vogue - My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It)
  • Biz Markie - Just A Friend
  • LL Cool J - I Need Love
  • Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
  • Coolio - The Winner
  • …plus everything on the Space Jam soundtrack

anonymous asked:

You're one of my favorite blogs. You're a super based lady and coolio el presidente. Have a nice day :D

Thank youuuuuuu! Idk where all this love is coming from but I’m so happy to see my followers happy. :D

I'm going to talk about a song coolio

I just wanted to say how much this song means to me. Its so relatable and tends to calm me down whenever I listen to it. The tune is upbeat and uplifting, and its just a happy song.


You’ve been having trouble staying asleep
You been waking up at 4:12
You roll the voices over in your head
Then you try to put them neatly on the shelf

You watch the sun rise
You saw the darkness had no choice before the dawn
With your own eyes
And then you broke out laughing from a yawn

You said,
“I’m so sorry I’ve been so down.
I started doubting things could ever turn around.
And I began to believe that all we are is material.
It’s nonsensical.”

So you walk outside and everything’s new
You’re looking at the world with new eyes.
As if you’d never seen a sky before that’s blue
As if you’ve never seen the sky in your whole life
And then the phone rings
As it turns out you are already late
And now you’re wondering
Was peace just a temporary state?

You’re waiting tables and parking cars
You’ve been selling cell phones at the shopping mall
And you began to believe that all you are is material
It’s nonsensical

I still can’t believe that all we are
And that all of are dreams are nothing more than material

Souls aren’t built of stone,
Sticks and bones
And souls aren’t built of stone

hammastix asked:

So I misread that ask. didnt know you were talking bout da emperor not wanting to be a god

Yeah the Emperor was like “please don’t worship me or anyother god. Religion is bad technology is coolio.”

And then Lorgar was like “Hey dad can I worship you?”

And Papa Emperor was like “Fuck no”

And Lorgar replied “Oh yeah? Well I’ll make my own religion, with 4 gods and daemons and other cool stuff.”