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A collection of examples where pop culture was clearly inspired by smaller creative activities on the web (with some people not necessarily happy about it). With online chatter regarding the performance by Rihanna on Saturday Night Live and it’s adoption to the net-art ‘Seapunk’ style, it’s worth knowing that the mixed reaction is not an isolated occasion. Marketers employ ‘coolhunters’ to look out for interesting small cultural developments to make their artist’s seem ‘fresh’ and ahead of the game, an activity that has been happening since the early 1990s, which was a key subject in William Gibson’s 2003 novel Pattern Recognition.

Examples include Timbaland + Chiptune, Tumblr Fashion + Jeremy Scott, Paul B Davis “Datamoshing” Technique + Kanye West, and A Stroke of Genuis - Freelance Hellraiser + RCA.

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Pastificio Cerere is a contemporary art center located in a former corn & pasta factory built in 1905 in Rome. When the pasta production stopped in 1960, the place started to be used by artists of the San Lorenzo Group till 2004 when the Pastificio Cerere Foundation was established by Flavio Misciattelli with the scope to promote education, residence programs for young artists and curators, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and studio visits. Now the former factory is also home to art and graphic design studios, galleries, a school of photography, ISFCI, a restaurant called Pastificio San Lorenzo and, above all for all the design lovers, many stunning lofts adapted to host sculptors and painters’ ateliers. Artists such as Nunzio, Bruno Ceccobelli, Gianni Dessì, Giuseppe Gallo, Piero Pizzi Cannella and Marco Tirelli used to open their work spaces to the audience on request. Definitely a place to visit in Rome, check the exhibition agenda and book a visit to the many artist ateliers. 

Pictures by: from top the ISFCI HQ, the building, Spazio Cerere lofts, artist ateliers:  Ileana Florescu, Ottavio Celestino and Oliviero Rainaldi



Torre di Moravola is a medieval watchtower dating back to XII century that has been restored by architect Christopher Chong and his partner Seonaid Mackenzie. The historical heritage has been beautifully preserved, giving monastic simplicity and sleek to this amazing hotel’s rooms. The swimming pool and the huge organic garden, overlooking the Carpini valley where St Francis of Assisi roamed, just make Torre di Moravola the perfect retreat for a stylish breakaway.

I love the @samanthawills Instagram feed because I’m a jewellery addict and that woman always churns out the most mind blowing designs!❤❤❤ I’m thinking WTF? How is this necklace possible? Her craft and patience blows me away and is so inspiring ❤❤❤ #samanthawills #jewelleryaddict #jewels #boho #amazingnecklace #turquoise #intricate #gemstones #jewellerydesigner #jewelrydesigner #fashion #accessories #picoftheday #instagood #bohojewellery #coolhunter (at Woobar)



What it is:

Bicycles with a bamboo frame and design signed by Calfee Design 

Why it is Cool:

Because of its appealing design and a natural and essential material at its core, which stands out amidst the somewhat boring panorama of metal bicycles of today.

Bamboo is an extremely tough yet pliable and light material, and has been employed in the construction of bicycles for the past 100 years, and when riding a bicycle such as this we strike a deeper relationship with it and its simplicity and dependability, thus leading to a better and more immediate link with the bike in itself and as a natural and healthy means of transportation.

Related Trends:

  • Structural Eco Cool

Submitted by:

  • Tiago Machado - The Coolhunter Club


Mr. Wong is a Chinese restaurant in Sydney boasting a fascinating Colonial flavour: with vintage props, bamboo chairs, gracefully battered brickwork, and an Oriental female portrait dominating the room. Mr. Wong is part of the Merrivale group and has employed a team of designers; Sibella Court, Bettina Hemmes, Dreamtime Australia and Merrivale CEO Justin Hemmes were all involved in bringing this vision of ramshackle beauty to life. Via http://www.weheart.co.uk

Tip: Characteristics of a Trendsetter

The modern coolhunter needs to have more than an eye for cool things. Much of successful trend spotting revolves around one’s ability to spot cool people - namely trend setters. Though coolhunters are often seen as ‘cool’, they are rarely, themselves, trend setters. They just know where to find them.

Don’t know what to look for in a potential trend setter? Here are some common characteristics:

Trend setters…

  • Wear clothes and use products in unconventional manners
  • Have significant (positive) influence on those around them
  • Come into contact with (and influence) a high number of individuals

Trend setters don’t necessarily create trends. Quite often they’ll just notice and adopt a style or gadget through one of their low-influence friends. What differentiates trend setters is their ability to make a trend spread.

When you come across trend setters, make friends with them - and keep in touch! They may be tough to find, but they’re an invaluable source of information on the next big thing.

by Simone Smith http://www.harukosama.com/




Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects created this awesome wooden “Hut on Sleds” with the scope to serve as a holiday cabin for a family. In New Zealand in fact buildings on the beach need to be removable by law. The hut is built on two wooden beams with ski-like bevelled ends which allow the Hut to be dragged by tractor to retreat from the sea’s approach upon this area of coastal erosion. The hut comes to life when the enormous shutter on the northeast facade winches open to form an awning, revealing two-storey high steel-framed glass doors that form the main entrance. A surf paradise that also manages to have cool industrial interiors. Via Homeli.co.uk. Photography by Jackie Meiring & Simon Devitt.