The Coolest. 

I like to think that they wrote it like this on purpose. 

Marina and Jane Hercules requested a poster that would make people stomp each other in a hurry to hire him.

While it was difficult to showcase the awesomeness of such a great man in anything less than a comic book about his epic adventures, I did my best with this poster - and he was really happy with the final result! He even offered me a slice of his pie which, y’know, is really big coming from him.

Needless to say, I’m beyond thrilled that a hero such as Hercules granted me the honour of working for him.

A small contribution to the epic awesomeness that is fregg & girlwhowasntthere‘s sci-fi AU Atlantis trailer (the coolest thing the fandom has ever seen!)


(Gifs by girlwhowasntthere.^^)

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Alice x link pls!

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Who approached who?

link was approached by al at the ripe age of two.  she was a lot older, of course.  sorta, kinda giving off the impression that she might have actually been about…mid to early twenties, maybe later? don’t get me wrong, not saying that was her age in actuality; just saying the rendition she’d induced with her appearance.
kay…so, as we know; link was fucking lounging by the fucking shore at the time. perched along the golden sands, blowing fucking bubbles with his spit or some shit. & literally just seconds after al could draw as close as she fucking could to inspect such a disgrace, the little shit turns around and like…fucking sees her right then & fucking there like wtf.
since link’s mother was actually alive during the time, alice also had the privilege to acquaint the whole entire family which at the time; consisted of link’s mother, link’s father & link’s maternal grandmother as well.  

Do they have nicknames for each other?

link calls his sister al. sometimes ally. other times, lease. then there’s punk & dweeb & nerd all that other good stuff. anything but alice, really cause…as we all know, he really doesn’t like to stick to people’s names for too long. alice likes to call him, little shit. & if i could come up with any more, i could most definitely imagine al calling link like…fucktruck, dweebmeister, asshat, etc. she’d probably give him a few nicknames in foreign languages as well.

What do they like to do together?

link & al love to go to shows together. in fact, she’s the one who introduced him to the atmosphere. link literally had no fucking clue that his favorite bands of all time would even tour, much less perform for their fans in front of a fucking stage. i swear, he was that fucking clueless. the first concert alice took link to see his favorite band of all time. & ever since then, he grew to fucking love going to concerts and all the perks that came along with it.
even more so as he got older since…well, y’know. he likes to drink & toke & shit. when they’re not rocking out at shows, you can usually find link & alice burning cd’s for one another. since alice shared her music with him once, he chose to do the same. on these disks, link likes to mesh together all the jams he listens to & give them to alice as a present.
alice does the same thing, takes all the songs she currently listens to & shares them all with link. guess that’d probably explain why link likes rob zombie & rammstein so much. then you got alice listening to daft punk & radiohead. aside from that, these two love drinking together; going to parties together, not really to dance per se but to drink & smoke illegal shit to their blissful heart’s content.

Which one makes the plans?

plans? PFT. these two don’t plan anything. ever. they’re the ( wing it ) type of people.

Who is the better listener?

definitely al. link has the tendency to get awfully distracted at times. regardless if he’s thoroughly into the conversation or not.

Who can hold their drink the best?

alice cause she’s older, more experienced & of course, immortal. then you got link passing out like after the fourth maybe fifth depending on what the fuck they’re drinking in the first place. probably won’t ever be beer, though cause most brands taste like fucking shit.

Who is more adventurous?

link & alice both. they love trying new ( possibly illegal ) things cause hey, why the fuck not?

Who is more protective?

link & alice both, obviously.

What do they get each other for Christmas?

 link loves getting al all sorts of vintage stuff. vinyl records, mix tapes, really old camcorders, books, & things like that. once he even got her one of those weird, old black phones with a cord, rotrary dial & everything. to this day, its still in display. she really can’t help herself. as for al, i kinda picture her giving link those gothic fairy statues; generally cause he seems to like them so much. kid’s hoarding topless fairy statues in his room like there’s no tomorrow but he certainly doesn’t seem to mind. 

If one was upset, what would the other do? 

go to shows, hit the movies, hit the bong; the possibilities are limitless!

Do they have any traits/habits that annoy the other?

link’s cool with pretty much everything & i picture al being the exactly same way. 

Do they consider each other to be family? 

fuck yES.

Would they kill/die for each other?

alice’s far too kind & most certainly the type to give her life should she need to for those she cares for the most. & this kid’s definitely no exception. link may not really look like much; hell, he even renders the impression that he’s weak, he’s helpless & fragile. but i’m warning you, now; the incursion of this bloody kid’s wrath’s definitely one all men must fear. 

GIF to sum them up:

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bvbkirsche, polonia-dortmund-bvb, plszczek

bvbkirsche: a very nice bvb blog and also a nice person behind it :)

polonia-dortmund-bvb: Jessssss, she and her blog are perfection, one of my favorite blogs here and she’s super super nice and pretty and yes she’s amazing :)

plszczek: THE COOLEST GIFS. AND A GREAT PERSON WHO OWNS THE BLOG. sometimes i’m wondering how many times will she change her url but the plszczek always comes back and that’s the greatest :) Vikki is super nice, fact! 

18 GIFs That Prove Science Is The Coolest Subject Ever

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18 GIFs That Prove Science Is The Coolest Subject Ever


Safety goggles on, please.

Who wouldn’t want to do this?

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“I just wanna be with my momma!” said the liquid dot.

Only in space can you actually ride a magic carpet.




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