Hatoful Boyfriend Q&A Translation

Edit: Thank you for picking up the error and the missed line!
I’m not confident in my Japanese translation skills so if you find any errors please tell me! Enjoy~!

Ryouta: “Hello! Ryouta Kawara here! Thank you for all the messages! I’ll be answering the questions that everyone received here. The page next to us is a little disturbing* so I’ll start this of slowly! First letter!”
(*This is right next to the end of Chapter 13: BBL ~Family Memories~, or the Hatoful House chapter since Moa has inserted a new chapter 9 that wasn’t released online.)
Q: Please show me Coolene’s profile.
Coolene: “Yes~✩ I’ll be waiting at the cafe!”
Card: Coolene. Hobbies: Cooking, Likes: Cherry pie, Dislikes: Snakes.

Q: Everyone’s houses seem normal so what do you sleep in? You are birds after all, do you need to sleep in a nesting pots or nesting dishes?
Ryouta: The elderly may often sleep in old-fashioned nests? Young birds often group together in one bed. I think this varies for everybirdie.
Okosan: “Coo! (Okosan sleeps on the floor like a man!)”
Yuuya: “I want to do whatever you wish of me Mon Amie”
Sakuya: “Prosecution kick!”

Q: “What does Sakuya smell like?”
Okosan: “Coo! (Fantail pigeons are smelly!)”
Sakuya: “You mongrel, do not group us together!”

Kanta: “A policeman of course!”
Momo: “A florist!”
Hoppe: “An apple seller!”
Pyonpyon: “A whale”

That’s all for the Q&A! 
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Artwork and manga by Hato Moa (Moa810)



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Here are some doodles of Ryouta, because look at him. Look at how freaking adorable he is. asdfjkl.