quick pic of our Gai & Kiko cosplays from Anime Boston today (as shot by our friend Jameson, http://belaerous.tumblr.com/). More to come from our photoshoot with DHC photography too.(https://www.facebook.com/dhcheungphoto)

I made both the skirt and the coat from draping (it was semi-tedious and I didn’t leave enough closures for getting in/out of them, but they look a-okay) also modified my first wig from Arda Wigs which turned out pretty well I think.


Some pictures of Josh’s Gaslight Batman from our photoshoot yesterday (more to come, and hopefully we’ll do a set with atomic wonder woman too)! He really didn’t get to show this costume off at Dragon Con at all (because it was ungodly hot), so it was awesome to get some better shots of it (plus New England weather is probably closer to Gotham weather).  I did all the sewing/leather work that you see (coat, mantle, helm/cowl, gauntlets) and he did all the electronics/building (backpack, utility belt, glowy-bat symbol, goggles, sonic guns). It was quite involved.

Cosplayer: Josh Phelan (https://www.facebook.com/CoolByProxyProductions)
Photographer: Matt Fox Mckenna (my brother!)

Costume: Gaslight Batman (from Infinite Crisis)

Anime Boston!

Friends and followers*, Josh & I will be attending Anime Boston next weekend (saturday & sunday). We will have 2 sets of cosplays (one for saturday, one for sunday, you get the idea)-

Saturday- We’ll have Gai Kurusawa & Kiko Kayanuma (of Kurusawa’s PI Agency) from Darker than Black

Sunday- Gaslight Hawkman & Hawkgirl

so if anyone wants to come say hi or snap a pic or whatever, we are very friendly and will be wandering around and free for the most part (we have a couple of short photoshoots scheduled already)! I’ll probably tweet our location occasionally at the con.

*also hi new followers! thanks for following me! XD