32 - Well…she’s Filipino, black hair, nice teeth…uh…short? But, she’s way smarter than me and goes to a different college, so OH WELL

10 - Cats. Fuckin’ motherfucking cats. Just…shit yeah, cats.


someone hacked her account and deleted it u_u her new one is snoipa
she was the person who ran the mspatime blog which was also deleted

(and even if you didnt follow her you should shes awesome)

cool0fficer replied to your post: cool0fficer replied to your post: just a…

On your humanized portal blog, you should make a post announcing it. People would draw their Wheatley(full body, standing up or sitting down etc), and when a certain amount of them are made for the picture, someone could compile them into one large picture (arranged on one…

sorry, it seems to be cut off

anyway, the thing is that it was sorta already done? there was a wheatley design reblog thing going on (while I was away from the internet bluh) and the wheatleys that were reblogged there ended up in a collage. And what I was talking about anyway was a drawing made by a single artist (or idk, two collaborating artists if they want??), depicting a group of different Wheatleys.