Simon Southwell, 12, has applied his passion for math and finance into growing giant pumpkins, and selling them to grocery stores

Simon Southwell is not afraid of monsters. In fact, he loves them — especially if they pop up from the dirt and weigh close to a half-tonne.

The enterprising 12-year-old with autism delivered a 700-lb pumpkin on Saturday to a Toronto buyer — one of nine orange behemoths Simon has sold this season, gargantuan gourds grown on the hobby farm where he lives with his mother outside of Beaverton, Ont.

Now in his third year in business, Simon’s entrepreneurial mindset is earning him expert acclaim. Last winter, he attended an entrepreneurship program at the Brock Youth Centre. The program was for 15 to 29-year-olds, but they made an exception for 12-year-old Simon, who kept up with the high-school level finance lessons.

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In 2012, the 501st Legion built a suit of Stormtrooper armor for a young girl as a gesture of solidarity against bullying.  Now that girl has passed the armor along to another young girl who’s been bullied at school!

Katie rocked that armor at her school’s Halloween parade. And again while trick-or-treating. And in spring at the Purim Carnival. And in summer at Star Wars Day in Joliet. Getting her ready each time was a cosmic task, but the outcome was always stunning.

I sat on the edge of Katie’s bed Thursday night and told her about Allison. She asked me questions. “Do the other kids hit her? Does she have any friends? Did she tell her parents? Why didn’t the teachers make the other kids stop?” And then, after I answered to the best of my ability, she simply said, “That is terrible.”

“So,” I said, “Would you be willing to give Allison your Stormtrooper armor?” “Yes! Of course,” she answered immediately. “That’s a great idea!”

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10-Year-Old, Double-Leg Amputee Back on Football Field

“Like it was really scary, like I didn’t really want to lose my legs,” Deven said in an interview with football player and “Good Morning America”’ contributor Tim Tebow.

Deven got better and did well with prosthetic legs, but in order for him to think about football, he needed blades to run. He got them when someone who no longer needed blades donated them to Deven.

He’s now back on the football field.

David Jackson said the first time his son put on his blades “he said he loved the way the wind felt in his face for the first time again, and that was pretty impressive coming out of a nine-year-old boy.”

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  1. It is the perfect day to eat a lot of mashed potatoes, which I plan on doing in a couple of hours.
  3. My job and the people in it are the best. Even at 6am. 
  4. Need this hat in mah life tres much. 
  5. I absolutely cannot stop laughing at this cat selfie Micah took yesterday at the breeder’s house.


life update: it's pneumonia

tl;dr i went to urgent care and have pneumonia.

i’ve had this ugly cough for about two weeks and even saw my doctor about it last Friday.  she said it was fine and i’ve been dealing with it while annoying everyone around me since then.  over the weekend, however, it seemed to kind of get worse and became incredibly painful to cough, which my mom said was pleurisy.  cool.  turns out i have pneumonia.

so we planned this Labor Day getaway, but we were all sick.  Jude was coughing, i’m a mess, and even Sandy threw up on Sunday morning.  poor Chris spent his whole “vacation” sleeping on the couch in our rental and taking care of all of us.  i’m a horrible sick person and it’s been said that i don’t take care of myself, but i am going to try to rest and feel better.

now i’m at home, waiting for the pharmacy to open, hoping that i can not be sick for my birthday, because that would suck.  i’m also hoping that Jude will breastfeed after all of this; because of the antibiotics i’m taking i’m supposed to pump and dump.  le sigh.


I went to pacsun to buy a pair of sunglasses and the dude was like “they’re 2 for $20 want another one” and I was like hell yeah and then he was like “want another pair for like 4 bucks because we’re only $23 off of our goal” and I was like hell yeah and so now I have 3 pairs of sunglasses