Behind the Scenes of The Doctor’s Daughter

Excerpts from  Benjamin Cook’s interview with Georgia Moffett, DWM 395

And what was it like to grow up with a dad who’s an ex-Time Lord?  ”I’ve never known any different,” she points out.  ”Funnily enough, I became good friends with [Sixth Doctor actor] Colin Baker’s daughter.  Pure coincidence, actually.  But then I sort of thought that everyone’s dad was Doctor Who!”  She laughs out loud.  ”I think it was a shock when I realized that wasn’t true.”

But now, of course, Georgia’s Doctor is David Tennant.  ”He’s an extraordinary actor.  When you look at him, you sort of forget that you’re acting and a camera crew is there.  You look into his eyes and it takes no acting on your part, other than to just look up at him and go, ‘God, yes, you are looking at your daughter.’  The absolute highlight for me was probably our final scene together… it’s the most amazing scene.  Although,” she adds, ever so modestly, “I think that’s more down to David than down to me.”

The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available here


I stumbled upon this charming cooking video today (178K+ views! Wow!). More than any other cuisine in the Avatar universe, the Southern Water Tribe seaweed noodles are something I always feel a desire to eat in real life when I see those scenes, probably summoned by memories of tasty noodle dishes I have eaten in my travels to South Korea. So it was a real treat to discover that this cute mother/son team from the online cooking show Feast of Fiction had the same idea and made it a reality. As for me, make mine vegan, but yes, a fish- and sea vegetable-based dish is appropriately “Water Tribe.”

Cooking is an art, so I think this counts as fanart!


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Jourdan Dunn’s cooking show!!!

Well Dunn


Best Damn Guacamole Ever!

What is it about guacamole? People go crazy for it. I mean, it’s good. No, it’s great and I LOVE guac myself. But I have been to guacamole competitions and everything. Peeps be crazy serious about that sh*t.

Well, I am here to say that is this the best one you’ll ever have. Chunky, spicy and bright…this guacamole recipes goes best with cold beers and good friends. Lot’s of them!


Boozy Grapefruit, Basil & Vodka Popsicles

What is it with the combination of citrus and vodka? It just pairs so well together. You know, I just love a very well made Greyhound. But even citrus-infused vodkas are quite tasty!

And here’s the thing, anytime I love something…I want to make it a popsicle. I think experiencing it on a stick just makes it more fun. Right?