Before the Department of Delicious Deception dines on a dessert that looks exactly like breakfast, lunch or dinner, they like to have dinner that looks exactly like dessert. Bree Miller of Los Angeles-based custom bakery Bree’s Cakes recently made not just one, but three mouthwatering Fried Chicken Cakes, each more tantalizing than the last.

Miller began by making a mouthwatering 2-layer cornbread cake frosted with mashed potatoes, drizzled with gravy and topped with pieces of fried chicken. Then came an even bigger 3-layer cake. And for the final version Miller outdid herself by replacing the layers of mashed potato frosting with layers of macaroni & cheese and candied yams. Please don’t be alarmed if you can hear our stomachs growling.

To check out more of her amazing cakes visit the Bree’s Cakes website or follow Bree Miller on Instagram.

[via Foodiggity and distractify]

Pancake making simulation
“A complete pancake making experiment simulated in the Gazebo simulator. The PR2 robot model is retrieving the pancake mix container from the fridge, navigating to the counter and pouring a pancake mix fluid composed of small particles on a pancake maker. After the liquid is poured, flexible joints are created between the particles on the pancake maker, to simulate the half cooked pancake. From the convex hull encompassing the particles a flexible texture mesh brings completes the pancake model. At the end the pancake is retrieved from the pancake maker and placed on a plate. Breakfast is served!“