Three Tier Oven Rack

Don’t suffer through another Thanksgiving where the turkey is cold, the potatoes are lukewarm, and only the green beans are hot — the three tier oven rack can heat all three at the same time. This excellent rack truly extends the usefulness of your oven space.


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Some would say it’s “the market” who determines what ends up in cookbooks. For example, editors will say that people will want, for example (a real one), a story about clay pots in Vietnamese cooking, because when they go to the restaurant, they always see on the menu clay pot catfish or tofu or whatever dish.

You will try to explain to the editor that NO ONE in Vietnam or no Vietnamese immigrants use clay pots. It was used during times of war and poverty, when the military needed metal or when a person can’t afford modern cookware. But the editor will say: well, we already shot the photo, and the food stylist used a really beautiful clay pot, and so…please write a few paragraphs about this “traditional” method of cooking.

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Is terrible cooking skills an ADHD thing? I've almost poisoned myself twice now from cooking because I misread the recipe/didn't do it right.

Food is hard!

I often don’t do recipes because I have certain things that I know how to make and that way I know I won’t mess them up. I also make liberal use of timers to make sure I don’t overcook things. My biggest problem is that I can’t tell if meat is just starting to go off (I can tell if it’s well and truly gone because it reeks) so sometimes I have cooked meat that should have been tossed in the garbage instead. That is not a pleasant smell, but at least when you cook it you can tell. :P


Followers, what’s your worst cooking experience?