Cooking Up Some Magic with @eudiiih

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“There is a certain magic about cooking. It’s like creating a potion,” says Diego Oliveira (@eudiiih), an aspiring photographer from São Paulo with a passion for cooking. Diego learned at a young age that there is also magic in taking pictures. As a child, his uncle told him that photography was like “looking at the world through a little magic rectangle.” This phrase sparked dreams of becoming a paparazzi photographer. “I was fascinated by their gigantic cameras,” Diego laughs. While the paparazzi dream was eventually outgrown, Diego’s love for photography was just beginning. “I got into the habit of photographing with my eyes, admiring life, noticing the light of day, the reflections in water or a beautiful plate of food,” he says.

Growing up, Diego learned to love cooking from his aunt. “I would spend most weekends with my aunt, who was a cook, and she would give me small tasks in the kitchen to keep me busy. On weekends, my family would also get together to share food, so cooking reminds me of family and fun.”

Today, Diego blends his passions for photography and cuisine by capturing his culinary creations on camera. He hopes that through his photos his audience can get a taste for his cooking, which is heavily influenced by northeastern Brazil’s strong flavors, as well as food from North America. In order to get his creative juices flowing, Diego’s soundtrack must be just right. “My taste is eclectic. Everything from Madonna to Maria Bethânia,” he says. “Music helps me prepare food and inspires me to photograph the table. Music is fuel.”

the signs cooking

aries: lost track of if they’ve burned themselves or the food more
taurus: experimental cooks with a refined palate that knows a good dish when they taste one
gemini: whatever they make it usually just sits in the fridge for a couple weeks because nobody wants to touch it
cancer: their cooking is okay but baking is definitely their strong suit
leo: adds extra salt to everything because they salty af
virgo: will spend hours in the kitchen perfecting a recipe and people always want more tbh
libra: wants every dish to look pretty. they will literally try to make even their toast look artsy and photogenic
scorpio: you know the show hell’s kitchen? yeah
sagittarius: cooking usually turns into either an awkward food fight or they just get bored and give up
capricorn: most likely to use a thousand sticks of butter in one recipe bc major sweet tooth
aquarius: makes a huge mess when they cook and their kitchen looks like a crime scene but they still look cute tho
pisces: tries to come up with their own recipes and they pretend they’re on the food network 


Finally, our second chef appears! Cute little Kanmi will be the chef who guides all you lovely followers through most of our dessert recipes.  She’s Komi’s polar opposite, but she never notices when she annoys him!

Kanmi is just one of the cute plush chefs at StuffinFluff Cooking, the blog dedicated to sharing many recipes with our followers, brought to you by adorable plush cooks! If you like cooking and cute things, please follow us!

I’ll be using this post as a reference whenever Kanmi is featured in a recipe.  She is my own personal character, made for me by the wonderful and talented lithefidercreatures.

Pizza Waffles


  • 1 can accidentally vegan refrigerated biscuits (the ones that POP!)
  • 2 cups dairy-free cheese, like Daiya
  • 1 package vegan pepperoni (try Tofurky pepperoni slices)
  • Non-stick spray
  • 1 cup your favorite marinara sauce (for dipping!)


1. Preheat the waffle maker.
2. Spray with non-stick spray so the biscuits don’t stick.
3. Flatten a section of the biscuit dough into a patty and slice in half crosswise (like you would a hamburger bun). If the dough rounds are too small (or you want more waffle with your pizza), use two biscuits to form each patty instead.
4. Lovingly place your fillings between the two dough slices, seal that bish like it’s pie, and waffle press that sh*t until golden brown (about 2 to 3 minutes.)
5. Aaand repeat.

For more awesome vegan recipes: http://peta2.me/morefood

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