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So, I want to help support my daughter's transition to a vegan lifestyle and I know she's been very inspired by your blog, so I was wondering if you have a favorite cookbook that you use for some not too complicated vegan foods that I can get her so we can start making some meals together? Thank you!

Here’s a list of some I’ve found, there’s lotssss more too. c:


I ran out of time to make tea this morning!!! So instead I decided to check out what books we have on tea in our Chef Louis Szathmary Culinary collection as a substitute for my morning beverage. Hence, I found this beauty!

Printed in Dublin in 1772, John Coakley Lettsom’s work The Natural History of the Tea-Tree includes a lovely hand colored diagram of a tea tree. The diagram documents all of the plant’s parts including the early stages of its life cycle at the bottom. Lettsom’s book covers the botanical aspects of the tea tree in the first half and looks at the history of drinking tea in the second half. I like that that the leather binding has been treated to produce a marbled effect. Reminds me of tree bark!


Szathmary Collection SB271 .L48 1772

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Today on Cool Stuff in the Mail, 100 cook book postcards!

Penguin collected 100 of their favorite cook book covers and made them in to these adorable postcards.

As a side note, during what age were cook books called ‘cookery books’?

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I really want to become vegetarian, I've been cutting meat out of my meals but I never know what to eat, do you know any good websites or books for recipes?

Hello :) I just posted a couple of blogs that are awesome, but since you asked about books, try the following ones: 

The following are my top 3 recipe books:

New Bestsellers (all books published late 2014)

Easy Everyday Cookbooks

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a cookbook with fancy recipes as your first vegan cookbook. You want to start with an assortment of easy recipes you can prepare in minutes.

Reference Cookbooks

The recipes here tend to be more upscale and time consuming; they’ll provide you with a diversity of options ideal for guests and special occasions.

Cuisines from Around the World

There are a number of vegan cookbooks available that specialize in many of the world’s most beloved cuisines.

Dessert Cookbooks

Vegans absolutely, positively don’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to enjoying sensational desserts.


The Vintage Tea Party Book: The Complete Guide to Hosting Your Perfect Party

The Vintage Tea Party Book: The Complete Guide to Hosting Your Perfect Party

by Angel Adoree
Antique Collectors Club Dist
2012, 306 pages, 7.8 x 10.1 x 1.1 inches
$26 Buy a copy on Amazon

This whimsical, girly, and very informative book covers two of my favorite topics – vintage style and traditional English tea. Author Angel Adoree (yep that’s her name) owns and operates Vintage Patisserie in London where she hosts adult tea parties with a retro spin. The Vintage Tea Party Book includes Angel’s recipes, beauty tips and decorating ideas for the perfect tea party at home.

The Vintage Tea Party Book is separated into chapters for planning brunch, afternoon and evening events.  Included are very British-y and easy recipes such as Lemon Scones with Lavender Cream, Onion and Potato Flowers, Crown of Lamb, and Engraved Earl Grey Truffle Hearts. There are also sample invitations, how-tos on retro make-up and hair styles, like the Victory Roll, and directions on how to make your own Queen Elizabeth stencil for wall decorations (a must for every English party!).

With all these helpful tools at your fingertips, The Vintage Tea Party Book makes planning your next extra special celebration easy and fun.

P.S. Even more old-school tips and treats are included in two other books from the same author – The Vintage Sweet Book and The Vintage Tea Party Year. Carole Rosner

January 21, 2015