Maypop’s first taste of an orange. Hard to say whether she liked it or not, judging from the many different faces she pulled during the munching process. And the fact that she didn’t eat it yesterday morning but most of the fruit disappeared overnight…  

Hey everyone! 
Please send happy thoughts to Maypop today! She is having surgery at 12:30pm to reduce down the tumor on her leg. 

 The vet told us on Thursday that it would be a very straight forward procedure and shouldn’t even take very long, but I am still really nervous. He also told us that (other than the tumor, of course) Maypop is a very healthy possum despite her age, and we are really hoping this surgery will ensure that she can live out the rest of her days in comfort. 


We took Maypop on a little roadtrip with us this morning. Phil and I were supposed to compete in the 10 mile race, but due to being sick this week, and us having a lot of issues with the squirrels, we were not able to run. We felt so unhappy about missing the whole event though, so we went to get our goody bags (which included hoodies!) and hung around to watch the marathoners take off. Felt pretty jealous. I miss being fit. I think Maypop had fun.