Last stand of the orangutan.

Tanzania Marine Conservation & Diving!

So im going to Tanzania ( Mafia Island) with Frontier in July for my work experience and im soooooooooooooooo excited :D I will be learning about marine biology, the different species, learning about conservation and completing surveys!

I’m looking forward to diving everyday if im completely honest, I love to swim :’D there will even be whale sharks!!!

Is anyone else going or already been?? Some tips and information would be much appreciated :) 

If anyone is interested in a gap year or looking to work abroad I suggest looking at Frontier’s website

There is so much to choose from :D

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Dilmah leads the world in conservation action

This tea company thinks globally and acts locally by Heather Sylvawood, Amazon Author First published in: …


I love life, there’s nothing out of the ordinary there given that I am alive. my conviction is in perhaps the general sense of things: the love of all living things, the orderliness in which each and every organism has a certain and vital contribution to the success of life as a whole and life as a perfect system which has nothing to do with the attainment of man and his ‘giant leaps’.

We were born into this world, into remarkable unerringly divine perfection and we will die out of this world leaving it behind. I find that to be core wrecking knowledge. The mechanisms governing life have never bent to human life, although mostly our perception convinces us in vain of the contrary. Instead human life bows to these structures such that the magic spells to which our conception began are the same huff-and-puffs which determine our fate.

My feelings on human development are mixed. I appreciate that with it has come civilisation but I detest that the price humanity pays is annihilation through war, extinction, pollution, terrorism…

I guess i’m just another preservationalist…

Please pardon my treehugger ramblings. I just feel that it is worth some thought to consider that we are slowly progressing into a world which is a biological wasteland. The life anti-revolution began a long time ago- dead things and concrete keep filling space and ever-present nature is becoming a luxury. Future generations are loosing the prototypes to the elements of life.

Beauty might be dying…

With much sincerity, I am humbled by our world and its vastness… the parts of it which remain a mystery amidst the theories of knowledge, its sheer magnificence, its overt brilliance and the fact that without it Meaning would have no meaning… and if you can take that moment of reflection you will see that WE truly are the world- that feeling… that flash of comprehension is the spirit which drives my proclamation so I will reiterate: I LOVE LIFE. -Naleli