i think i completely converted after that video i mean aww they look so happy and proud and omg ok i think theyre being very genuine and idk if ive ever seen them that happy and I hope it sells and i hope the tour is international oh noo theyre so cute in the end of the video awww jc my bbys :’) im so excited to watch the making of!!

I'm only telling you this so maybe you think of it the next time you’re beating yourself up about being “emotional“, and instead remember that you’re human, and feelings are not only okay to have but they’re also NORMAL because (and I hate to break this to you, but) you are not a robot.

If I cry, my eyes get bloodshot, my whole face gets puffy and blotchy, and it stays that way for awhile afterward. There’s no fooling anybody with that look. It’s entirely clear I’ve been crying.

Now that you know that detail… Once, a good friend knew just by looking at me that something was up, and when she asked me what was wrong—as I was still crying, eyes bloodshot and face blotchy—I tried played it off by saying my eyeballs were just sweating.

With a straight face! “It’s nothing. My eyeballs are just sweating.” 

What. Even.

so i like call me baby, but i don’t like it enough ?????? does this make sense? i’m sure the choreography is on point, or at least i’m hoping that’s the case, but i just feel like it’s lacking a bit

klauslittlewolf asked:

Ashley Carina just reblog a kh gifset and added the words ohh man ugh she want kill us? Ohh man what??? We will die when finale comes perhaps she is teasing us 😭

omggg lucia I just saw it!! 

when I saw I was like 

she can’t be playing with us like that bruh, fangirl feels are fragile things. She gave us that damn hint about some klayley goodness a while back and now this reblogging posts with comments and what not so I’m like 

That gifset was so great tho! littlewlof really nailed it and It gave me all the feels apparently it gave Carina some too!