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Well, this seems like a good time to make this really long post.

So anyway, I have this headcanon that, in 1912, a Muggle boy received a letter from Hogwarts. The boy had grown up on a farm and lived a relatively simple life. But he had always been able to do strange things. He can make the animals walk around, as if they were human. And he can make his drawings move across the page.

And so the boy says farewell to his brother, Roy, (of whom he’s very close to), the rest of his siblings, and his parents. And he sets off on an amazing adventure. He’s sorted into Ravenclaw and spends seven grand years at Hogwarts. And in that time, his magical artistic skills excel. He amazes all of the other students in his class by drawing something and having it come to life on the parchment. It truly was some of the most advanced magic that Hogwarts had ever seen. As such, the boy graduates from Hogwarts at the top of his class.

He’s offered multiple jobs but he turned them all down in order to pursue his passion. Some of his friends claim that he’s completely mental. But he knows what he’s doing. He has a plan, a goal, a dream…

He meets a lovely young witch and the two marry in 1925. Several years later, in 1928, the man pours all of his magical talent into his latest creation. Using very advanced magic, he’s able to make a drawing of a mouse come to life to accompanying music.

He wants to name the mouse Mortimer but his wife insists that it’s too pompous and suggests that he use the name Mickey instead…

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18 for Harry/Leigh please!

Here we go for the prompt “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in” !! As usual, may or may not be canon!!

Louboutins had been a stupid idea, no matter how much Sawyer had said I absolutely needed to wear them.

I absolutely did not need to wear them, especially not after four glasses of champagne, maybe even five, all I knew that I needed champagne in order to get through the entertainment that they’d hired for the evening.

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Ok so I keep going  back to this.. because there is just something about this scene that is creeping its why up into my top 5 Caryl scenes and I think I know what it is now…

The brushing of the hair..

I have always been a sucker of that  gesture, no matter which one in the relationship is doing it. It’s such a sweet, loving, comforting thing to do with someone. The act of gently brushing back someones hairs,, fingers lighting touching the skin  is such an  intimate,, emotional  action as much as it is a physical one. Often done when someone is in suffering in some way. 

The thing is, you can see his  eyes fluttering with ever touch as if he’s desperately trying, and failing , to not let her touch affect him.  But the light touch of her fingers, softly grazing his skin as she moves his hair out of his eyes (and don’t we all want to do that, or at least I do)) can’t help but affect him. 

This may not have been the kiss we wanted but it was what was needed at the time.  A loving comforting gesture done by a woman putting away her own pain to help someone she loves get through his. And he is clearly not resisting it in any way, letting her guide him to her. And he closes his eyes, accepting it from her,  and even though he is trying to feel anything, he clearly does. 

They way she is touching him is just so  gentle, so loving, so intimate, he can’t help but be affected by it. He can’t even look at her at this point, if he looks at her directly he might just fall apart right there and the moment he can’t allow that. But the wheel’s are already turning in that direction for him. 

And that arm stroke right there.. don’t even let me get started on that.. I could go for days on that alone. That slight little twitch in his face and his inability to look directly at her, shows just how much she managed to get to him. To get through protective wall he was putting up, and to get him on his way to where he needed to go. 

To feel it.. because at that point he was already starting to. Because of Carol. 

And here’s hoping someday he can do the same for her too.. it almost seems inevitable really. 

So the reason this scene keeps creeping up on me is because.. it’s a beautiful display of the love and comfort these two are capable of giving to each other in some of the simplest gestures. 

Because to me that’s what love is really all about, not the big things.. but the little things as  well :) 

can we just take a moment and

just take look at centipetle’s humanoid form

to me she bears a slight resemblance to this

one of the three Diamonds

or i just might be overthinking it :^/ 

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Who you rather date, Sam or Dean? Jared or Jensen? And who do you think is hotter and why, Matt Cohen or Brock Kelly?

Ok, If you’re asking me this, you clearly have never seen my blog. It’s obviously Dean/ Jensen for both. Here’s photographic evidence to support my claims:

And IDK who the other guy is, so Matt Cohen.


There is no “proof” here.

I post evidence, and I post informed interpretations of that evidence. I have my own interpretations as well, and I invite people to add theirs.

Since we seem to be at this point again, I wanted to reiterate that I do not “prove” things in the sense that people generally mean. This is also why I am not in the business of convincing the belligerently unconvinced. I am not emotionally invested in hand-holding people who believe I have photoshopped thousands of artworks to appear to support what I say (yes, that is a thing* ), for the same reason I am not emotionally invested in convincing people who go around saying “Evolution is only a THEORY!” that they are mistaken. I fail to see how that is my problem.

What I’m talking about in the above tweets and in this post are more or less the same thing; what frustrates me is that the lack of interdisciplinary cooperation leaves massive lacunas in our body of information regarding the topics covered at medievalpoc. In other words, science (usually) understands that “proof” is not a thing; unfortunately, many people in history and art history did not get the memo.

And in this din of miscommunication, people shove things where they don’t belong: assumptions that the race of people in ancient history can be “proven” with DNA testing, the misappropriation of Classical Demography to support entirely modern notions about human history, and laid over it all, the relentless assumption that history is a ubiquitous and temporal progress of humankind from “Worse” to “Better”.

We are not objective. That is just not how people work. And we’ve known this for decades; centuries; millennia. The pretense that we can somehow remove ourselves from our observations and find a universal and inhuman truth in them is a rather poisonous ideal that leads us ultimately to betray the truths we CAN know.

Injustice occurs when information is destroyed or purposely withheld from people in order to oppress them. To take something away from them, to cause them to be disenfranchised, to excuse terrible violence done to them.  To make them seem less than human. And that is the reality of what has been done and is still being done to people of color. Histories, cultures, lineages, physical documents and works of art are suppressed, ignored, misrepresented, painted over, or completely destroyed in order to support the fictions of white supremacy.

People being so caught up in their own perspectives that they universalize these experiences is the reason I get so many messages that question why this project exists, because “everyone already knows [whatever]” , and the same amount of messages positing that every single thing here is some sort of elaborate ruse perpetrated for nefarious reasons.

What is touted as “objectivity” is nothing more than individuals projecting their own experiences, values, constructs of “self” and “other”, perspectives and opinions on everyone else. What we learn of logic, reason, philosophy, is often nothing more than the same ten white men who died centuries ago, and hold it up as the One True Way of understanding ourselves and the world. We teach the aesthetics of Immanuel Kant as if they come unfiltered through his perspective from some universal authority, and yet we completely ignore how they were shaped by his racism. there are countless examples, but over it all is the same internal illogic that ignores its own hypocrisy.

That is where we are at right now, and that is the point I am starting from. Claiming I am unaffected by these truths or that I am somehow outside of my own society or culture would be a lie. Each individual comes to the table of evidence with their own baggage, their own culture, their own individuality. Pretending that we don’t is much like pretending that these inequalities don’t exist; they do, and until we correct them, they will remain uncorrected.


* Mostly espoused by people who do not seem to understand that I post photographs of artwork, and that multiple photographs of the same artwork can look different. The original paintings or drawing themselves are not actually embedded somehow in your computer. My apologies if this comes as a shock.