Untitled #54 by gemmainspired featuring a quilted jacket

Topshop white t shirt, €99 / Topshop long sleeve sweater, €60 / Topshop white sweater, €60 / H M sequin top, €33 / Topshop crop top, €14 / Merino wool coat, €615 / Black jacket, €580 / H M quilted jacket, €88 / Denim jacket / ONLY black jacket, €60 / Topshop cropped jeans, €58 / Topshop blue jeans, €62 / Topshop black skinny jeans, €51 / H M skirt, €33 / H M black skirt, €8,00 / Jeffrey Campbell black booties, €185 / Jeffrey Campbell black booties, €130 / NIKE flat shoes, €93 / H&M black booties, €33


from r-l we see:
my trusty red shoes that have been to the richest horse shows in North America and seen the Old 97s, the Loudermilks, Panic!, and Black Friday 2k14
the black shoes that filled the void of a black shoe in my wardrobe
the grey shoes that filled the void of grey shoes in my wardrobe
the checkered shoes my dad is always jealous of
and the doc martens my dad is always jealous of.