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Your blog is ugly. Your edits are ugly, You're just trying to be nice all the time when you are actually not. You are nothing but a pretentious person. I hate you. Maybe just as much as you hate Ariana Grande. Taylor Swift is never a good role model. The Wanted, are you serious? They're never going to be better than One Direction. And don't you dare call yourself a 5sosFam you understand me? Peace out

To quote Michael Gordon Clifford;


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Nathan is signed to Global Talent I think. It is ran by Ashley and Rachel works there. Global also run Capital which would explain why he is on the advert, the "sexiest in pop" twitter competition also why he was part of summer time ball so quickly. :) He has an amazing team behind him.

Oh really? Oh thanks for the info, sweetheart!

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Do you ship Haylor until now? coz i ship them so fucking bad until one

Yeah, I kinda still do. I don’t ship it like ‘you both better fucking get back together this instant and have 27 kids’ but it’s more like ‘oh they’ve always looked good together, and if they’re back together I’d be really happy’ kinda thing.

I shipped Haylor ever since before they dated, honestly. I still have the manips I saved from those years hahaha

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I'm apart of Twfanmily and have been for 2 years, I wasn't as emotional as a lot if people were when they announced their "break" and had their last show, and I feel like if anything this is a well deserved break, cause from all the crap they've been through with 1D and their fans, the record label, hate, and endless rumors. To me they've achieved a lot in just 4 years, no they weren't as successful as 1D, but the way they treated their fans says otherwise!

I really love you for this oh my god, for once I met someone who are actually on the brighter side of things. This makes me realize that actually this is a break they actually need, that it’s not self-centred at all.

You are right my love, they need this. to a lot of people you may seem like you don’t like the boys anymore because you are not even sad, but to me you are not. We need to move on in life and you showed me that it is fine to do so. :) In fact, you are still proud of the boys like we all are, that’s never gonna change.

i love you. xx

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Is there anyone you're thankful for? (could you list some nice people on Tumblr I could follow?)

I always can. :’)

  1. Larissa (clemmings) - I guess I’m thankful for the fact that you never judge me, you’re always there to tell me to stand my ground. To allow myself to make mistakes. I love you Larissa.
  2. Anita (nathansykcs) - I’m thankful for the fact that you solely exist, Anita. Our friendship is beautiful, babe. I miss you.
  3. Judith (timeerasingyou) - I’m thankful for the fact you’re there when I’m really not fine at all.
  4. Erin (henderparker) - Forever thankful for a friend who’d stuck with me for so long and is still here with me through thick and thin.
  5. Nicole (invinciblemaslow) - Forever thankful for even having you in my life. xx
  6. Annie (youhadmecrying) - I am thankful for every single word you have said to me and the little conversations we had. :)
  7. Kezia (tewanted) - Thankful for the fact that you’re always around to make me smile when I’ve lost all hopes.
  8. Gamze (asheerio) - Thankful for the angel god had sent to make my life beautiful, to fill my nights with laughter and to shower me with love.
  9. Magenta (magensta) - I am thankful for our light and the beauty of your words. Every alphabet inspires me, Mags.
  10. Zhen (itsthewanted) - I swear I put you here before but I went back and realized I didn’t. Do I need to tell the world of how thankful I am for everything. It won’t fit in this ask. Besides, the world knows of our relationship ;) 
  11. Roxie (cuphaz) - You think I’d forget you? No. Till the day I die Roxie. You’re the one that reminds me to be thankful for everything around me. I love you too much Roxie.
  12. Everyone on my blogroll list. I’m thankful for every single one of you.

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I feel that when Tom was on set of Fireflies he didn't know what to do because the boys weren't there to pick on him or tell him where to go..


Tom is capable is making his own decisions and I believe he just wants to try new things and genre. It was a strike of opportunity and if he feels contented with his choice then we should all be happy for him :)

But it’s sad, thinking about what you said. They boys are not there to give him constant moral support. They’re there with tiny lil messages but not there all the time…

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wait, why is it a big thing louis is clapping???

Nah nothing much. It satisfy me personally, that’s all! *toothy grin emoji*

(Actually it was quite clear during the days of Haylor that Louis was not the most fond towards Taylor no one was back then and last year’s VMA he kinda didn’t clap? I don’t fucking remember But yeah, seeing him clap NOW is a big thing for me)