We will be at both Nightmare Nights and Ponyville Ciderfest this year!

Well, that’s mostly true, anyway: our friend and volunteer Makuru will be manning tables for us at both places, and selling decks. So if you’re going to either con, you’ll be able to pick up a deck!

Q: Where will I be able to find your tables?
A: At Nightmare Nights, Makuru will be sharing a spot with Ashley Nichols, who has graciously allowed us to invade her space. At Ciderfest, you can find our table in the Tabletop Gaming room, where Makuru will be selling decks and giving demonstrations.

Q: Will there be exclusive cards?
A: Yes! We will, as usual be selling a single exclusive card at each con. In addition, Nightmare Nights will have a 4-card expansion they’ll be selling in their con store, and Ciderfest will have an additional card in their own con store as well.

Q: Can I preorder a deck or card?
A: Why yes, you can! Follow the instructions on this page. THAT SAID, you can’t preorder any of the Con Store exclusive cards because we aren’t selling them and have zero control over them. 

Q: I can’t make it to a con. Can I buy a deck and have you ship it to me?
A: We currently have a lovely volunteer who has offered to pick up decks from Nightmare Nights and send them to people who couldn’t make the con. If you’d like that to happen to you, just follow the instructions on this page.

Q: What are the exclusive cards going to be?
A: There’s been some flavor of a batpony Luna floating around … but we don’t know what we’ll do for Ciderfest, yet.

Q: Will you have expansions at the con?
A: Lord, no. We don’t have them done yet, not even remotely!

Q: Why can’t you guys go?
A: Time, travel expenses, lack of PTO for Mwai and Trick, etc. We’re extremely grateful that Makuru volunteered to be our presence, and that we were able to pull things off last-minute. (Thanks, in addition, to both NMN and Ciderfest for being so willing to work with us!)

Q: What forms of payment will you take?
A: Cash and, so long as the Square reader works, credit as well. In a pinch, we will also accept Paypal.

I think that’s it. Everyone give Makuru a giant thanks for helping us out like this!

Alamo City Comi-Con

Just got back from Alamo City Comicon in San Antonio, TX! It was loads of fun and I met some of the stars of my favorite movies and voice actors for characters I love. Robert Englund (Freddy Kreuger),Steve Downes (Master Chief), Mark Hamill (The Joker), and tons more, not to mention Stan Lee! Plus,I GOT SO MUCH MERCH I HAD TO BUY ANOTHER BAG TO BRING IT IN WHEEEE.

Anyways, It was a super fun weekend, but I am so glad to be home.  Back to reality.


Another Long Beach Comic-Con has come and passed! It was a fantastic year for Kelly and me, so thank you all SO MUCH for supporting us and stopping by to say hello!

One of my personal highlights of the con was doing “ugly portraits” for everybody! Most people commented that they weren’t ugly enough, and… yeah, okay, I didn’t achieve the level of ugliness I usually got in the ugly portraits I did for my facebook friends, but it’s much harder to uglify such DARN CUTE strangers!! I’ll definitely step it up next time though ;D

Oh yeah, and did I mention that there was a PERFECT SANSA cosplayer wandering around? And that she posed with my Sansa print?! Swoon city~~

Anyway thanks again so much for all your love and support for our artwork! I only hope we can continue to bring you all some joy with our little doodles :D