You keep pushing me away and asking me to come back when it conveniences you. You’ve gotten me so used to walking away that I’m not sure I’ll come back next time.
—  Jeigo
We no longer really want to be free, we just want to be comfortable. And once you want to be comfortable it has to do with just your convenience and contentment. It doesn’t have to do with courage. It doesn’t have to do with finding joy and serving others and wanting to sacrifice.
—  Cornel West, professor of philosophy and Christian practice at Union Theological Seminary and professor emeritus at Princeton University

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Guerrilla Kindness: Add-Ons Make Cities more Convenient

Three designers sneak around Paris, quickly installing brightly-colored machine-fabricated objects onto public chairs, phones, vending machines and other urban surfaces to make them more convenient to city residents. They call it ‘Fabrique-Hacktion,’ taking extra steps beyond what city officials are willing to fund with tax dollars to create a more comfortable and welcoming place to live.

Little slides shoot coins out of the receptacles in vending machines to make them easier to retrieve. Coat hooks hang helpfully from rock walls near bus stops. Tension bands hold newspapers against the wall of the subway, offering them to each new rider in turn.

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I would do anything for you
if convenient.
I would move a mountain for you
if that mountain could be moved
with a button or a lever that
wasn’t cold to the touch

I would give you the moon if I could
You would love the moon. You would
show it off to everyone and not give a fuck
that you’ve now severely damaged our ecosystem
by disrupting the tides

Maybe a nice look in the mirror is in order, Missy.

—  Bo Burnham, “Convenience”


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anonymous asked:

Pretty sure convenience abortions are the ones you pick up at 7-11 and other convenience stores.

Oh, of course. 

feminerdism said

No no, “convenience abortions” are the ones you can conveniently get via drive-through abortion clinics with a buy-one-get-one-half-off coupon. Super convenient.

knightlifeinsomniac said

Bring your frequent abortion member’s card and you’ll get a free slurpee with every abortion. 5th fetus free!

caffeinatedfeminist said

Yeah. Haven’t you heard?! They offer free abortions with the purchase of a Large Slurpee!