The Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.9

At first sight I wasn’t sure if this was intended for gaming or some sort of weapon, but I was and am still sure of one thing, I want it. This $299.99 piece of gear is the L.Y.N.X.9 by none other then Mad Catz, and is a mobile hybrid controller for Android Smartphones, Tablets and PC’s. 

The device comes as a controller with shoulder pads and analog sticks as well as a mouse and keyboard for your android gaming, and lets you hook up your phone or tablet to HDTV’s and also comes with a built in microphone.

It will be coming with an app to adjust the control sensitivity and parameters, a 30 hour on single charge battery, DirectInput compatibility and firmware updates to keep up with developments in software.

Apart from all the fancy features, it does look tremendously cool.

read more at the Mad Catz product page


Biohazard ASCII Controller (Resident Evil Dedicated Controller)

This asymmetrical PlayStation controller is made specifically for Biohazard fans. With your left hand gripping the handle of a knife and your right hand on that of a gun - it is no wonder this thing is endorsed by the Raccoon City Police Department.

Jokes aside, this controller feels great in your hands. It actually holds better than a ps1 controller…and I have held that thing most of my life. The pad is built for Resident Evil and it feels like it. The biggest buttons on the pad are the ones you will be using the most, those being dash and aim. Action is placed right above dash, which is a wonderful touch. Once you get past the feeling of holding this asymmetrical beast (which you immediately forget about upon grasping) it just feels right.

My only gripe comes from repetition. I mean that in two ways:

1. I have played with the regular PlayStation (original, Dual Analog, & Dual Shock) most of my life. Sticks aside - the layout has always been the same for the PS1 controllers and I keep forgetting that this is the ASCII controller. Your map button is right above your ready button. This is now more intuitive than before but old habits keep making me press the map button when I mean to press action. This happens because triangle is about where O is location wise on a regular PS1 controller.

2. The ridges on the dash and ready buttons do hurt after extended sessions.

This controller is masterful. It is way more than a novelty item. This controller is S.T.A.R.S. certified for a reason. Get it!

Also, anyone following me for awhile knows that I am tea-effing-crazy..this comes with Herb themed tea! The reason I picked this one up despite the box damage was because this actually had the tea with it which is becoming exceedingly rare! I decided to make a small incision on the back and open up the package to show them off here…(I even put them back proper and sealed them away) but I already have another copy of this controller on the way. I’m not going to lie. I was hesitant on picking this up until I figured out this controller came with tea..so it was the controller that ended up being the cherry on top of this package.

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