Back To The Roots” - KAYA (Home/House) - Photos by Celso Zaqueu.

Mozambican duo Nzualo Na’ Khumalo pay homage to grandmother’s around the world.

To many families around the world, our grandmothers home is the epicentre of the family. Where morals and basics are taught, where important gatherings are held. The grandmother’s KAYA is everyone’s KAYA. It’s the heart of every family. That special place that will forever be there, through your childhood, adolescence and and adult life. Everything about this house is filled with beautiful memories: The family pictures, the stove, the table cloth, the smells and sounds, and even the trees in the garden. The seed of all things we represent, that develops into a strong root of what we want to be.”

“Kaya Ka Mina, Kaya Ka wena, Kaya Ka Hina”
(My home, Your Home, OUR HOME)

Photos By: Celso Zaqueu
Make Up By: Jesse Jane

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At long last, after carefully sifting through 220 incredible pitches, we are happy to announce the list of contributors chosen from the Beyond Anthology’s open call for submissions!

In alphabetical order (and in their creative teams) we are pleased to welcome:

A. Stiffler / K. CopelandAlison Wilgus / Anissa Espinosa •  Bevan Thomas / Chenoa GaoDave C MahlerRachel Dukes / Gabby ReedJon CairnsKori MicheleKristina StipeticLeia Weathington / Lin Visel •  Niki SmithReed BlackSavannah Horrocks / April J Martins • Shing Yin Khor • Taneka Stotts / Christianne GoudreauWm Brian MacLean

To the pages of Beyond!  

Congratulations to all our creative teams, and thank you once again to everyone who sent us pitches.  We were blown away by the response we received, and enjoyed every story we read. Narrowing things down to make our final selections was one of the most difficult tasks either of us has ever had to do.

Now it’s onward and upward- stay tuned for more exciting news from Beyond, coming soon!

alivewithunderstanding asked:

Hi! Is there a recommended word count for contributor applications? I don't want to take up too much of your time - I'm just so excited!!

We don’t have a specific word count that you have to meet / not exceed. Cover letters are typically around one page (or less); use your best judgment when writing. We would recommend being succinct without having to sacrifice details or clarity, using a thesaurus, and asking someone you trust to help you edit.

We want to see who you are and all that excitement come through! We believe in you :)

Please know that you (and all you other Smarties reading this) can always send us questions! We’re here for you!!


Hey everyone, Thanks to all who submitted to become contributors. We got a lot of great submissions and it was hard to narrow them down. We’re sorry that we couldn’t add you all. 

Now I would like to introduce you to our three new contributors. Starting at the left.


I’m Agustin. I grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series and fell in love with the DC Animated Universe. I tried reading some of my dad’s old comic books, but crazy continuity made me put them away until high school, when a friend introduced me to The Dark Knight Returns. I’ve been reading since. Bart Allen as the Flash, though short-lived, is one of my all time favorite series. I’m also a fiction writer and my stories and other info can be found at


I’m Emma. By day, I’m an ordinary college student and intern extraordinaire — but by night, I’m a girl who watches too much Netflix and complains about the temperature. I’ve been watching superheroes on TV since I was a kid, but only got into reading comics a few years ago. My superpower mode of transportation would 100% be superspeed because a.) teleportation is terrifying, and b.) if I flew, I could only use the “I just flew in and boy are my arms tired!” joke so many times. If I had a sidekick, it would be my fiercely loyal, poorly trained, 22 pound dog, Skullcrusher.


Hello! My name’s Anthony. I’m an 18 year old college student studying information technology in an ice tundra called Minnesota. I’ve been a big DC comics fan since I was about 12 or 13, so unfortunately no amazing early childhood inspiration toward comics or anything, however when my friend loaned me her Hush Vol 1 + 2 graphic novels I was hooked from then on. I started a collection of graphic novels shortly there after. It wasn’t horribly later that DC started the New 52, and I had reason to start reading everything I could afford since everyone was getting a soft-hard reboot. Since then I’ve expanded to single issues (spending way too much every week) as well as reading much/most of the Pre-New 52 as far back as the early 70s. Also my favorite DC Character is Atrocitus. All Hail.

So we got our selves a shiny *Donate* button, right over there »> in the side bar, exciting. 

Also above ^^^ Art from the up-coming Hallo-zine by Contributor Talia! Remember we’re having a party @ Mana Bar on the 3rd of Nov!

#ElsannaSleepover contributors masterlist

I’ve been collecting names all week! Here’s the deal: Make new friends, and have fun!! Go meet new writers/artists and request stuff! I’m encouraging everyone to do a sleepover kickoff post of their own (or to reblog mine) so that we know they’re open for requests/whatever is going on. I’ll reblog this intermittently throughout the evening. Send me an ask to be added.

alphaskag1 - Musician. Will be doing live music stuff/Frozen covers/beatboxing over his tinychat. Go sing together.

asksillysisters -  Artist. Will be doing doodle requests and rolling his face on the keyboard.

attackonhans - Writer. Taking requests, maybe doing frozen covers.

bitetheice - Artist. Will be drunk and delivering any sexy drawings your soul requires.

captain-princess-sparklefingers - Writer. Doing drabble requests. Might be RPing.

elsannaheadcanons - Probably drinking. Accepting everyone’s drunk headcanons.

elsannaishellagay - Artist. Taking sketch requests of “literally anything”.

elsas-snowflakes - Doing dramatic readings and RPs.

emirael - Writer. Sleepover organizer. Taking drabble requests starting Saturday afternoon through the evening. Will likely become drunk drabble requests as time goes on. Possibly live-writing smut.

everberation - Artist. Wants you to make them draw things.

exixiii - Writer. Taking drabble requests.

fyeahkristelsanna - Hosting a Weirdest Headcanons and Kinkiest Headcanons competition in his ask. Willing to do mini-fanmixes based off fics. Will be running a CAH game.

glucklichavecwatching - Taking requests maybe.

ggungabyfish - Writer. Taking drabble requests

herfrozenfjord - Writer. Taking SFW drabble requests. Writing and accepting headcanons. Willing to live-write if requested.

ice-olatedkingdom - Artist. Bringing alcohol, drawing skills, headcanons, and general ridiculousness.

istalir - Writer. Taking drabble requests. ALSO willing to translate random Norwegian for you. Can write legit Norwegian Elsa (perf).

killingmesoftlywiththesesongs - Writer. Taking drabble requests.

like-all-good-lions - Writer. Will be drunk, drunkblogging, and drunk writing.

mariachilds - Writer. Doing drabble requests.

michiyoyumi - Writer. Taking drabble requests. Send one word/song lyric/whatever prompts

mommagranate - Voice Actor! Will likely be on tinychat. Willing to voice act a parody or a fic on request.

muslipepito - Artist/Writer. Doing drabbles, sketchs,and stupid things that involve the act of drawing.

nhisaysrawr - Writer. Taking drabble requests.

nopuedobro - Artist. Taking random and crazy sketch requests. (ex. Elsa riding a cyborg unicorn over a giant castle of pancakes)

obsessingoverfrozen - Writer. Taking drabble requests.

patronustrip - Artist. Livestreaming at 4:00pm EDT.

purrpickle - Writer. Taking drabble requests (anything within Kristelsanna umbrella). In the Pacific time zone.

rustythedragon - Writer/Artist. Taking drabble requests, maybe sketches. Might be a little late.

shippinglehane - Writer. Taking writing prompts FO SHO. Hella pumped.

smut-4-life - Writer. Taking drabble requests: fluff and smut.

spacerib - Artist. Taking sketch requests. Small possibility of being stoned.

stuffiliketothinkof - Writer. Probably drinking. Taking drabble requests, fills under 100 words.

thecaptains-cabin - Writer. Not the fastest writer but happy to take requests.

thecolneverbotheredmeanyway - Writer. Taking drabble requests.

theincestisreal - Writer. Taking drabble requests.

uber-writing - Writer. Taking drabble requests. WIll be on later than most, probably.

1993nicole - Writer. Taking prompts.

23deecy - Reader. Will be drinking. Will read any Elsanna fic/drabble on request, quote a favorite line from it, and review it. Will be posting drunk lines.

50shadesofelsanna - Writer. Taking drabble requests. Hosting some CAH games :)

Join us in welcoming a new contributer to Bisexual Books!

First we want to than everyone who reblogged our call for new contributors to join here at Bisexual Books!  We had a great crop of people and we’ve chosen to bring two new people onto the team.  

Next up, welcome Connor! 

Connor Smith is a pocket-sized Southern trans guy currently working on his undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. One day, he plans to become a librarian or English professor (he hasn’t quite worked that out yet). When he’s not reading, he is probably unironically watching tv shows aimed at middle school-aged girls, playing Pokemon, or wandering around taking pictures of cute plants. His personal tumblr is

The Matrix is Crashing

"It is. It’s outdated programming and the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities. You know how your phone or computer’s software goes out of date, and new programs can’t operate? It’s the same thing. The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this Universal shift."

Contributors Wanted

I need to find a couple of people who would like to be contributing authors to this MAC Tumblr. I’m looking for people who will update it with MAC Collection News/Photos, Search through Tumblr and reblog MAC FOTDs, etc. Is any one interested? If so, please email us here:

A Call For Writers

Our primary New Year’s resolution at Hey, You Should Watch This Movie (& TV Show) is to professionalize the joint a bit. This blog grew leaps and bounds in 2013 and we really were sort of caught of guard by it. We went from a quaint blog between two friends to something far more explosive.

So that’s where you come in. We’re working on editorial schedules and being more consistent about our output here, but we need a few dedicated writers to help us with that. 


Readreel has close to 90,000 followers on Tumblr, so if you’re writing longform reviews on your blog and wish you had a wider outlet for that content, we’re here and open to your contributions.

Oh and we’ll pay. Not millions or even thousands. Hell, not even hundreds. But..something. Still before we can get there, we need your submissions.

Email us at and we’ll get back to you if we’re interested. 


At first glance, Tropospheric might seem like an odd inclusion for a "post-yaoi" anthology, considering that most of her work appears to be macabre art, chihuahuas, or yuri—that is, stories featuring relationships between women. That just means you haven’t heard the entire story! Tropospheric was originally inspired by reading stories from the far more prevalent slash and shounen-ai genres, but she did a 180 flip upon discovering that there was a genre where women get full focus. Now she’s developing an all-female version of Phantom of the Opera.

Tropospheric’s art, which can be purchased in her shop here, features intricate rapidograph inks on large-format Bristol board. Her work is a testament to her fine hand and fathomless patience. We’re grateful to have her aboard! Thanks, Tropospheric!