From 1971 until 1978, the British Women’s Liberation Movement agreed [on] seven demands. They agreed [on] annual national Women’s Liberation conferences which took place across the country, and the demands still stand as a sort of manifesto or womanifesto for British Feminism. So, the seven demands were: equal pay now, equal education and job opportunities, free contraception and abortion on demand, free local 24-hour nurseries, financial and legal independence for women, an end to discrimination against lesbians and a woman’s right to define her own sexuality, and an end to male violence against women. - Finn Mackay.

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Underland contraception?

Man, I got this so long ago, I am so sorry. I wanted to make a big scientific headcanon thing about this, but shit, it’s finals week.

To answer your question, I have no clue, man. Probably herbal stuff? Or who knows, the Regalians have natural gas and advanced medical technology, enough to create a cure for a plague and to create/engineer/use that plague in the first place as a biological weapon. Who knows? Maybe they have better contraception than we do. 

As for the nonhuman species of the Underland… it is very much survival of the fittest down there. Deadly barely covers it. You need to have enough babies born to start with so that once a bunch of them die (as they are bound to do, growing up in the freaking Underland) you still have a decent-sized population left. Chances are, if you limit your own reproduction too much, there won’t be enough and you could end up creating a genetic bottleneck that damages your own survival, just because too few were born and survived. So there wouldn’t really be a survival-based need for population control

…except in cases of famine or drought, when resources would get even more limited.

Hmm. Okay, then. Let’s say they do have contraception in the Underland, maybe even from a time before humans ever showed up, after a massive famine swept the Underland and every species had to come up with some way of controlling their populations or else everyone would starve. 

They don’t use it that often, but during the time famine in the mid-books when the gnawers had been driven away from the river and were starving, that was the one thing that the gnawer leaders could do for their people: distribute contraception, so that even if their children were going to starve, they didn’t have to bring any more children into the world to starve with them.

Bam. Headcanon.

Chesterton was so consistently right in his pronouncements and prophecies because he understood that anything that attacked the family was bad for society. That is why he spoke out against eugenics and contraception, against divorce and “free love” (another term he disliked because of its dishonesty), but also against wage slavery and compulsory state-sponsored education and mothers hiring other people to do what mothers were designed to do themselves. It is safe to say that Chesterton stood up against every trend and fad that plagues us today because every one of those trends and fads undermines the family. Big Government tries to replace the family’s authority, and Big Business tries to replace the family’s autonomy. There is a constant commercial and cultural pressure on father, mother, and child. They are minimized and marginalized and, yes, mocked. But as Chesterton says, “This triangle of truisms, of father, mother and child, cannot be destroyed; it can only destroy those civilizations which disregard it.”

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It's one hundred percent impossible to get pregnant from dry humping right? We were both wearing pants but I'm just nervous cause I'm paranoid as hell and this was my first time doing this

So long as there is no transfer of fluids or contact from the dude’s genitals to yours, you good. Be aware of precum when the pants come off. In the mean time, consider a form of contraception such as the pill or an IUD, as this would ease your worries when things get more intimate (even if they haven’t progressed to sex). I know it’s sometimes scary and crazy things flash through your mind even if you know they aren’t possible/probable. 

I went to the Gyno today...

This was the conversation.

Dr- “what do you use as contraceptive?”
Me-“well I’m gay, so that seems to work pretty well”


Election 2016 Champ & Chump Chart

Here’s a quick look at where the 2016 presidential candidates stand on three of Planned Parenthood’s top issues.

Learn more here

Republican War on Women posts on Profeminist

Vote Bernie Sanders why you should consider him for president

  • pushing for more taxes on the rich
  • favors equal pay for women
  • wants higher minimum wage
  • pro-choice
    • advocates for protecting the reproductive rights of women
    • has voted multiple times against anti-abortion policies
    • co-sponsored bill to ensure access to and funding for contraception
  • pro-gay rights
    • voted against constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman 
    • voted against banning same-sex marriage
  • wants to improve criminal justice system
    • voted yes on funding alternative sentencing instead of more prisons
    • reduce recidivism by giving offenders a second chance
    • voted yes on replacing death penalty with life imprisonment 
  • voted to legalize medical marijuana 
  • wants better education system
    • voted yes on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges
    • sponsored extending subsidized federal student loan rates until 2015
  • promotes conservation of the environment - prioritize green energy
  • loosening immigration 
    • make it easier to become citizens 
    • voted no on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment
    • voted no on more immigrant visas for skilled workers
  •  wants to expand Obamacare
House Republicans Vote To Allow Employers To Fire Women For Using Birth Control

House Republicans Vote To Allow Employers To Fire Women For Using Birth Control

House Republicans quietly voted to overturn a local D.C. law last night that bars discrimination against women who exercise their reproductive rights.

The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act became law in 2014 but anti-women Republicans introduced H.J. Resolution 43 to destroy it. Raw Story contributor Joan Schipp described the debate and her own effort to report on it:


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A Missouri Satanist, identified only as Mary, is using essentially the same argumentHobby Lobby invoked to refuse contraceptive coverage and abortion care, in order to challenge the state’s 72-hour waiting period for abortion. According to the woman, the restriction — which requires women seeking abortions to attend counseling, then wait three days for an abortion procedure — is a violation of her sincerely held religious beliefs. And, according to the Supreme Court, those beliefs should be able to take precedent over Missouri’s antiabortion laws.

Using similar language Hobby Lobby used to deny contraceptive coverage, the Satanic Temple is seeking an exemption

Can I get the abortion pill if I think I’m pregnant?

Someone asked us:

If I had unprotected sex took the day after pill but still haven’t gotten my period can I go to my health clinic and request for an abortion pill even though I’m not 100% positive of being pregnant?

It was smart of you to take emergency contraception. The morning-after pill is safe and effective, and can prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex. One of the possible side effects is a change in your next period — it being earlier or later than usual, or heavier or lighter than usual. If you don’t get your period within 3 weeks of taking emergency contraception, then it’s time to take some next steps.

A doctor or nurse can’t give you the abortion pill unless they know for sure that you’re pregnant. So you’ll have to visit a health center and take a pregnancy test first. In most states, the abortion pill can only be taken before your pregnancy reaches 9 weeks. If you’re past 9 weeks, you can still get an in-clinic abortion.

The doctors and nurses Planned Parenthood will help you figure out if you’re pregnant and can walk you through all of your options. You can also buy a pregnancy test at the drugstore and take it at home. Pregnancy tests are most effective if you take it after you miss your period. Make an appointment to visit your local health center here.

I hope that helps!

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood

$1 Contraceptive for World’s Poorest Women

In November 2014, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pfizer Inc., and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) reached an agreement to make birth control accessible to women in developing countries. Sayana Press, an injected contraceptive, is sold to distributors for only $1 per dose. The drug will be sold at little to no cost and administered readily to women living in sixty-nine countries by 2020. Injection is the preferred method of birth control because it allows women privacy, ease, and convenience.

Read more about it here:

Image Source: PATH/Will Boase

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Hey, I believe I'm pro choice but it aggravates me that people will willingly have unprotected sex and then use abortion as a form of contraception. What are your views on this?

Please make sure you check out my FAQ! I have answered this before, but for the sake of answering your question, I’m going to copy and paste from an old answered question, and then I’ll be adding to it; there’s a few things wrong with this theory that people use “abortion as contraception”.

  • First Flaw: Abortion can not be used as contraception. Abortion ends a pregnancy, whereas contraceptives prevent pregnancies.
  • Second Flaw: Having an abortion isn’t like going in and getting an ear piercing, it doesn’t take 5 minutes and you’re done, the procedure itself can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 days (depending on the method and how far along you are.)
    - This means you have to take time off of school, work, and for many people this means traveling because lord knows there aren’t that many abortion clinics, so for many, traveling is required, and so on. Unless you live in a country where it is free, taking into account how expensive abortion procedures are alone and not factoring in how much it costs to travel and how much you’ll loose taking time off of work, you’d still have to be a millionaire.
    - And even if you live in a country where it is free, you still have to factor in possible travel costs, loss of income through taking time off work, and so on.

Also, I feel like you’re asking, “what’s your opinion on people who have had multiple abortions?” and my opinion is; who am I to give my opinion on someone’s personal reproductive options? I am not them, I am not in their situation, I don’t know their reasons, so who am I to give my opinion on someone else’ choices? I am not that important. I believe everyone should have access to safe and legal abortion period, no matter if it’s their first time obtaining one or 10th time.

Lastly, there are many reasons why people may have not been on contraceptives, like not expecting to have sex (sex can definitely be spontaneous, I would know, that is how I became pregnant), not being able to access birth control due to cost or unavailability, not being well educated on birth control or sex for that matter, and so many other reasons. An important thing to keep in mind too, is that birth control is not a “one size fits all” kind of deal. Birth control comes in many forms with different hormones, for myself personally, I cannot have a birth control with estrogen in it, and it just so happens that progestin-only birth control, is much more expensive…. So no, when people have a specific need, we can’t just get on “something cheaper”, you know what I’m saying?

So, maybe instead of judging from the sidelines, you should really look into ways you can better help and educate people about sex and birth control, whilst advocating for better access to these things! If this bothers you so much, actively do something to help, because I will tell you right now, judging people for having abortions for whatever their reason, isn’t going to help, it’s just going to further stigmatize the procedure and the people who obtain them, and that’s not cool.


No human has the right to violate anothers bodily autonomy.

Nobody can use a persons body for anything without their consent!

Pregnancy is not a mere “inconvenience” and it can affect the pregnant person in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Pregnancy can kill the pregnant person.

Pregnancy can interfere with medications that the pregnant person needs to function normally or to survive. Some medications put the fetus at risk of severe defects and even death.

Pregnancy can force a person out of work and mean that the pregnant person can no longer support themselves or their existing family.

Did you know that a majority of the people who have abortions come from areas where there is little to no access to, or education on, contraceptives? Or that a majority of the people who have abortions are living in poverty or low income?

It’s far more than pregnancy being an inconvenience.

Vote yes for Equality Ireland!

I am sick to my stomach of seeing posters around Ireland saying “vote no” “a child needs a mother and a father” “a mother is for life not just for 9 months” do you know what Ireland bullshit, only a few years ago you were stripping babies from their mothers because their mothers had them outside wedlock.. Hypocritical don’t you think to say now they need them just because you don’t want gay couples to have the ability to adopt. Years ago it was frowned upon to have sex outside of marriage, use contraception, yet those things are done and used every day now! Times are changing and so should you Ireland! What would you rather? To watch your beautiful child smiling, walking down the aisle to marry the one they love or watch them as they dote upon your grandchild, or would you prefer to see pain in your child’s eyes because you voted no for equality, you voted no and prevented your son from marrying the man of his dreams or your daughter and her girlfriend from having a baby because it wasn’t in the bible? I believe in God but the bible was written thousands of years ago! Things have changed! And the last I heard God loved everyone, not, I love everyone except you because you are gay and you because you are a woman and you because you are black oh and you because you can’t have children and heaven forbid you want someone to carry a child for you! Everyone one deserves to be equal, nobody is lesser than anybody else, I am not lesser because I am a woman, you are not lesser because you are trans, or gay or black etc! Grow up people stop living in the past and move on, because I for one will be sitting at the top of the church crying tears of joy if my son wants to marry the man he loves or my daughter wants to marry the woman she loves and I will cherish all my grandchildren no matter what!

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One of my classmates with a paraguard IUD told me that she has been pregnant twice this year but because of the IUD it just couldn't attach to her uterine wall and she had a normal period (+ fertilized egg). I also have a paraguard and that's not something that I've heard of, though it makes logical sense to me. Is this actually how it works? I'm a bit fuzzy on the details of the function of paraguard though I get the gist.

So, while it’s possible that this is true, I am not quite sure how your classmate would even know that she was pregnant?

Let me start from the beginning.  

So to recap: yes, technically it’s a possibility that pregnancies are happening and being flushed out, but there is absolutely no research to support whether that is actually happening.

Also, back to my original question, how would she know that she had gotten pregnant?  If the fertilized egg never implanted, as she is is implying, then there never would have been the possibility of a positive pregnancy test, since the hormone that we test for is hCG, a hormone released by the cells that will later become the placenta.  Those do not and cannot exist until the egg implants on the uterine wall.  Soooooo, I don’t know exactly what your classmate is talking about.  I hope this answers some questions!