Is Hulu playing politics with this pro-choice ad?

Online video streaming service Hulu is wading into Colorado politics by banning an online advertisement relating to abortion this week that the company deemed “too controversial.”

The relatively tame ad opposes a Colorado ballot initiative called Amendment 67 that, if passed by voters on November 4, would change the definition of “personhood” in the state’s criminal code to include human embryos. This would effectively make abortion murder by classifying the act as the termination of a person. Amendment 67’s critics argue that the bill is nothing more than an attempt to outlaw abortion and emergency contraception.

Enter Amanda, a rape survivor who was treated with emergency contraception at a hospital in Colorado after she was violently raped. In the 30-second clip that Hulu rejected, Amanda explained her opposition to the Colorado amendment:

“I was on my daily run when I was attacked and beaten and raped,” she said. “What I’ve been through is one of the many reasons I oppose Amendment 67. When I was at the hospital I was offered emergency contraception. Amendment 67 could ban abortion and emergency contraception, even in cases of rape or incest. Of course, we all want to protect pregnant women, but amendment 67 isn’t the way.”

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This is not an announcement, just a passing concern

Benefits of an IUD: no periods, 99% effective as a contraceptive

Drawback of an IUD: no periods, only 99% effective as a contraceptive

anonymous said:

People have no right to make pregnant people ashamed of wanting to be happy after a termination, if I'm right we all have the right to pursuit of happiness? Idk about anyone else waiting to get an abortion but PREGNANCY SUCKS it is so painful!! Contractions are constantly happening in the uterus and you are either starving or about to barf. Never in between. I am always tired and feeling depressed not to mention heartburn always striking at night! Wtf! And believe me I used contraception but (1)

guess what CONTRACEPTION DOESNT ALWAYS WORK! It is a fact of life, so I should be punished by that? People who judge pregnant people are the worst part! My pregnancy anger makes me want to scream at everyone who things this thing using me for my body deserves rights over my body! And it really gets me when a person who will never experience pregnancy flaunt their opinions about abortion. Fyi those peoples opinions are WORTHLESS. You have no right to make someone feel like shit when you will never experience the pain of pregnancy or the pain of having people shove their opinions and pictures of dead fetus down your throat. This rant is mainly for that guy you are talking with on his text post about young women. I hope every person who reads his post realizes how shit it is. Support pregnant people’s choices and just be compassionate and there will be no problem pro lifers. Compassion for bodily autonomy of a pregnant person is a must in this world


One of the things that frustrates me the most about a lot of pro-lifers is the fact that they act like pregnancy is some kind of mild inconvenience, like it’s going to the DMV or something. It’s 9 months of possible illness, discomfort, permanent body changes, and severe pain. It is not for everyone. Some people don’t want to go through that, and that’s fine.

Some people will definitely be relieved or happy after their abortions. Why? Because they probably feel better now that they’re not fucking pregnant. I know I’d be happy to not be pregnant anymore. Pregnancy is terrifying to me. 

The fact that people act like contraception is somehow infallible makes no sense to me. It’s pretty damn effective when you take/use it perfectly, and still pretty effective if taken/used improperly. (Still, guys, take it right! If you have any questions please ask!) Condoms break. Pills can be taken late. Sometimes people don’t use contraception. That doesn’t mean you should be denied the right to a safe, legal medical procedure.

We need to trust and support pregnant people, no matter what their decision is. The fact that people think they somehow have a say in the personal lives and medical decisions of others is absolutely astounding.

- Emily.

some things cis men probably do not experience regularly during casual hookups

-the choice between a) taking birth control and dealing with the moodswings and physiological changes that accompany birth control versus b) listening to your partner complain about how much condoms suck every time you use one versus c) unprotected sex followed by panic followed by emergency contraception which means moodswings and physiological changes followed by hoping the ec actually works followed by internal dilemmas about whether there would be anyone around to support you if you needed an abortion
-pressure to put out every time your partner gets hard
-“accidental” anal sex
-feeling like no one will take you seriously if you talk about crossed boundaries because you’ve talked about that shit so many times before and you’re just being melodramatic at this point
-feeling like your partner doesn’t actually care that much about your pleasure or your desires

"Women’s Rights" is such an interesting term. Please be specific if this has anything to do with anything other than abortion. Every quote in this article seems like code for abortion.
The government already subsidizes abortion despite laws that it should not and it is trying to give you contraceptives for free when all other prescriptions require co-pays. Heck, the government even requires that 70 year old nuns must be able to have free contraception paid for by religious institutions. Not sure what else you want.

Scarlet Letters: Getting the History of Abortion and Contraception Right

Abortion was not just legal—it was a safe, condoned, and practiced procedure in colonial America and common enough to appear in the legal and medical records of the period. Official abortion laws did not appear on the books in the United States until 1821, and abortion before quickening did not become illegal until the 1860s. If a woman living in New England in the 17th or 18th centuries wanted an abortion, no legal, social, or religious force would have stopped her.


Eight female state senators in Georgia walked out of the Senate chambers on Wednesday to protest two bills that hinder access to abortion and contraceptives. All eight female democratic senators left the chambers together after two bills they oppose passed the Republican-led Senate. From Atlanta’s WXIA, the legislation:

  • Prohibits state employees from using state health benefits to pay for abortions
  • Does not allow employees of private religious institutions to demand that their insurance policies pay for contraceptives

"We stood together to protest what we feel is absolutely a war on women here in Georgia and we want to sound the alert to Georgians," said Sen. Nan Orrick.

Republican state senator Joshua McKoon said of the legislation, “What I would say is the war that’s being waged is on a religious minority in this country that has strong beliefs that are protected by the First Amendment.”

The bills now heads to the House, where both are expected to pass.

The senators who walked out: Sen. Gloria ButlerSen. Gale Davenport, Sen. Nan Orrock, Sen. Freddie Powell SimsSen. Donzella James, Sen. Miriam Paris, Sen. Valencia Seay and Sen. Horacena Tate. Looks like I’ll be spending my Friday night emailing these senators to thank them for taking a stance on an incredibly important issue.

Woman v. The Government (with a twist)
  • Woman:I cannot afford to have a child right now. Can I have birth control?
  • Government:No.
  • Woman:I got pregnant but I cannot afford to have a child and I'm not ready to be a parent. Can I have an abortion?
  • Government:No.
  • Woman:I had the child, but I cannot afford to raise him. Will you help me out?
  • Government:No.
  • Woman:I guess I'll have to give my child up for adoption.
  • Barry and Steve:We would love to raise your child. We have been in a committed relationship for 15 years. We have steady careers and are very successful and financially stable. We love children and wish to provide a loving nurturing environment for your child. Would you be willing to give your child to us?
  • Woman:Sure, as long as it's ok with the government.
  • Government:No.

“Nine months from now the only thing I’m expecting is to be more awesome.”

We’re absolutely in love with these illustrations done by Kate Bingaman Burt for as part of the Thanks, Birth Control campaign. The National Campaign is challenging the nation to have an open, honest conversation about birth control.

Why? Because, in a recent survey, 55% of sexually active women ages 18-22 said that they’d feel more comfortable using contraception if more people talked about it in a positive way.

Join in saying “Thanks, Birth Control” and share these postcards. Or use the hashtag #ThxBirthControl.

Kate was also the very first speaker at CreativeMornings/Portland! Check out her talk here. →