Dealing with an Unexpected Life in the Dominican Republic

We had the opportunity to speak with young women in the Dominican Republic who have been living out their adolescent years while navigating the waters of motherhood.

Of the teenagers we spoke with, none planned their pregnancies. Some wish they had taken advice from doctors and nurses to use contraceptives, and others simply wish they had been older before having a child.

While most said they were not ready to become parents, one variable remained the same: the mothers have hopes and aspirations for their infants, unborn children and themselves.

Read the full story by Pulitzer Center student fellows Luke Noicka and Jennifer Gonzalez.

Last night, the Obama Administration dropped their appeal to increase age and point of sale restrictions on emergency contraception! This safe and effective form of birth control will now be made available on store shelves, just like condoms, and people of all ages will be able to get it quickly in order to prevent unintended pregnancy. 

This is a huge breakthrough for access to birth control and a historic moment for reproductive health and equity. Reblog to spread the good news!

The male pill? Bring it on

Don’t tell me men couldn’t be trusted to take contraceptive pills – I did two trials, and it was frankly brilliant

The male contraceptive pill is in the news again, and, having done two years’ of clinical trials, I hope this time it will really happen. It is for commercial and social reasons that the male pill is not yet available, not scientific ones – the drug companies think men won’t be interested, and they think women won’t trust men who say: “Don’t worry, darling, I’m on the pill.” But my experience, albeit more than a decade ago, was largely positive, and those attitudes are seriously outdated. The first time I took part, I was off with my then-partner to the family planning clinic, when she said: “It’s so unfair that there isn’t a pill you could take instead of me. Would you, if you could?” There’s really only one answer to that question. When we got to the clinic there was a cheesy poster on the wall showing Neil Armstrong on the moon, captioned “Be the first man on the pill!” And so the deal was done. (via The male pill? Bring it on | James Mackenzie | Comment is free |