To those who are commenting that the above graphic does not address cases of rape, you are right, it does not. It was never intended to ignore the severity of rape but to present an idea that chastity is an option for those engaging in willing sexual intercourse.

To those commenting on this post and saying that the birth control pill is also a solution for cramps, acne, and other issues, there are alternatives out there that do not involve screwing up your body’s natural hormones. If you look into NaPro technology, or ask your doctor, more and more women are finding healthier and natural choices. for example, has great information.

Oral contraceptives, which are potentially abortifacient, provide only symptomatic treatment when prescribed for women’s health problems, and they do not affect the underlying causes. The birth control pill is used to “treat” menstrual cramps, recurrent ovarian cysts, abnormal bleeding, premenstrual syndrome, acne, irregular cycles, and endometriosis.”  The Pope Paul VI Institute is just one of those centres that is offering NEW solutions. Find out more about NaProTechnology.

To those commenting that it’s their body, to be used as they choose, you’re right. It IS your body and it’s your choice but if you want to understand a bit of why I would never recommend contraception or sex outside of marriage, then I invite you to read this post or read some of my previous posts tagged contraception.

Or you could visit The Radiance Foundation's website to read more!


Since my recent Stephen Colbert posts I’ve gotten a few people writing to let me know that he wasn’t actually conservative. Thanks, but I know folks - I was just kidding when I wrote, “As a conservative, you were a Worthy Adversary.” That’s a reference to one of his segments. 

Here are a few more memories from the show:

- Stephen sounds the Oppressed White Male alert

- Stephen undermines a conservative argument against contraception

- Stephen gets exasperated by Rick Santorum’s arguments against gay marriage

- Stephen admits the trick behind gendered marketing

- Stephen hangs out with Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda

broken-hearts-dreams asked:

fyi, the hobby lobby case only applies to their employees and women have 16 other choices for birth control that hobby lobby will pay for. obv u havent read anything about the case & just believe what the media tells u.

[re: this post?]

How do I loathe the newest rw talking point? Let me count the ways:

1. The Hobby Lobby case DOES NOT simply apply to it’s employees - it’s a national ~*precedence setting*~ case which will allow other employers to pick and choose what healthcare to provide for their women employees. Under the guise of “religious beliefs” for corporate entities, the table has been set to allow business owners to legally discriminate on any myriad of issues while simultaneously devaluing the rights and religious beliefs (or non-religious beliefs) of workers and individuals…ya know, actual flesh-n-blood people

Additionally, the very next day after handing down the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Supreme Court released a clarification expanding the ruling, stating that a corporation’s “closely held religious beliefs” are not limited to contraception alone 

2. The four rejected choices you’ve alluded to (Plan B aka "The Morning After Pill”; Ella, a similar emergency contraception; Copper Intra-Uterine Device; and the IUD with progestin) which are denied to ONLY the women employees constitutes gender discrimination, especially considering that Hobby Lobby covers medically unnecessary items like Viagra and elective surgeries (vasectomies) for it’s male employees

AND…this is important…if the abortive properties of of those four devices is really what Hobby Lobby objects to, then it’s very odd (and by ‘odd’ I mean completely BS) that Hobby Lobby does not also object to any of their approved 16 contraception medicines —because those also contain progestin, without which both the IUD and the “normal” birth control pill would be rendered inert objects incapable of preventing pregnancy

And oh yeah, one of the Hobby Lobby approved contraceptives is a straight up progestin injection, while the others include forms of “birth control” —for women— that are 100% dependent on the man deciding to use it, like vasectomies & condoms 

Did I mention that female sterilization is one of the 16 approved forms of contraception by Steve Green and Hobby Lobby??  

3. Since it appears to be you who obv hasn’t read up on the case, you might be surprised to learn that Hobby Lobby is very heavily invested in Chinese firms which literally *forces* unwanted abortions on virtually any pregnant woman who has already had one child. That makes Steve Green a hypocrite and decidedly not a “Christian” who abhors abortions

4. And not only is the IUD more effective than the pill, but many women, for various medical and/or personal reasons, cannot use the pill

5. Stop getting your “news” from Fox. It’s been proven that people who watch Fox News are actually LESS informed than those who watch no news at all

(I know this is the new email blast RW talking point that right wingers are trolling with, but I wanted to address this particular ask because it’s so uninformed)