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Intro & Gold Forever - Final Gig

They put a union jack flag and the intro changed a little. They played an audio of like military men honouring the dead and the flag came down at half mast. Any UK fanmily knows where that audio is from? I feel like it’s something taken from history (and i suck at history, so). 

Half-mast is flying a flag below the summit of the flagpole (mast). In many countries this is seen as a symbol of respectmourning, or distress. - since Kevin tweeted asking for a union jack flag…i bet this is the crew’s idea…and a little something for the boys ;) 

Also, tissues. 

The two questions that haunt me…

What is louis name in Harry’s phone, and what is Harry’s name in Louis’ phone.

Lydia wanting to help parrish figure out what supernatural creature he is because she knows what it feels like to have no idea what you are and she doesnt want him to feel helpless and alone like she did