Remy chuckled. “I can also be a travel guide. I am anything my client asks of me.” He smiled at the gesture. No one usually treated him with respect.

"Then you’d say that you know this city perfectly?"Leonardo questioned him, nearly as a child trying to confirm he could get what he desired for his birthday. 

Hi there. First off, excellent blog/Instagram. My friend reacquainted me with it earlier today and I’ve had a blast browsing through.

Being a huge Weezer fan, I saw the Weezerquest thing and I couldn’t have been more psyched that you were going for it! And the Matt Sharp bass too?! You guys are great.

Anyway, I save a lot of pictures to my computer and as a result, I have a lot of Weezer ones and a decent amount of harder to come by (in my estimation) pictures of Rivers with the blue strat. I’ve uploaded one here. If you want more, I’d be glad to email them or whatever! If they’re no use, no problem!

Aaron Pinto

Oh my Swedish Jesus, that photo you’re tantalizing me with is so much bigger and clearer than what I’d been able to find up to this point! I will GLADLY accept any help you can render, friend! Since I’m already so far along in the build process, I’m looking for a few things:

-In-progress shots of the above Strat’s electrical tape design. I’ve found one before it was totally covered, and I’m looking to see how it started, which appears to be a kind of Van Halen thing. If you also have a good, clear shot of the guitar once the design is mostly complete, I’d be your BFF for life!

-We’re mostly finished with this now, but any other Matt Sharp photos you might have are greatly appreciated as well. We’re going to relic the paint of whatever body we end up with to match Matt’s worn upper bout. 

-Really, anything you can send along will be great! 

Thanks for the kind words, for following our little Weezerquest, and for reaching out! Email away, new friend!