MERICCUP AU GIFS :: Hiccup sees Merida for the first time. (In a weird AU in which Hiccup is sent by the Vikings to spy on the enemy. Probably because he looks the least Viking-like… Sorry, Hic.)

"Wow… She’s… really pretty.”

"Stop drooling, Hiccup. You’re supposed to spy on her. Not fall in love with her."

Off Fangame List

(( At anon request, I shall list all of the OFF Fangames I know. Great minds went to work on these and I’m more than happy to share them for others to enjoy.
So here’s the list and the links to their creators.

Please keep in mind that a couple of these games are unfinished, but they are still worth the look. ))

UNKNOWN: You play as Zacharie who wishes to restore the Zones after the switch was flipped. 

(( There is implied molestation, so be wary. ))

365 This game gave me a Harvest Moon-esque feel. You play as a character from UNKNOWN trying to live a decent life.

((  Heavy themes of death and suicide. ))
 (( I highly recommended that you play UNKNOWN first ))

CLUELESS A fangame where you play as the Batter, you start off on the monorail with Zacharie in Zone 3 and..things go wrong. It’s short

 (( Rather explicit descriptions of gruesome deaths. )) 

FASTFORWARD You start off playing as the Batter. Someone called The Guide wants you to relive the events of OFF to show you something very important.

(( It’s short, but does have gruesome parts here and there.)) 

all four of the above games were made by Claude Huggins 

Continue Stop Rise: This takes place after the switch is flipped, you play as the Batter and two variations of him, the monstrous Bad Batter and the vulgar Ghost Batter.

((  Parts with violence/blood, themes of suicide are present.))

made by Isasapiensworks


The games featured below are unfinished or are a work in progress. 

HOME: Imagine an alternate of OFF, but rather than puppeteering the Batter, you control as The Judge.  

(As requested, I switched the link since the game is frequently updated. The up-to-date link to the download page is right at the top of the Judge’s tumblr.) 

 (( Themes of death and suicide are present ))

made by The Judge

One: In this game, it takes place after the switch is flipped. Zacharie is the only survivor. That changes after he creates a child using the Grand Elements. You play as that child, Doux.

Made by Chimakiisane

If there are any others that I’ve missed or any mistagging issues, please let me know.

I’m very sorry if the descriptions for the games are lacking or make the games seem less than they really are. I’m not very good at writing that sort of thing down and I’m also afraid of spoiling things.

I will update these lists when needed, if there’s anything you’d like me to add, again, please let me know. ^u^ ))

((okay, so
remember my earlier freakout about Continue Stop Rise?

Yeah, lemme  share my pain explain

So i was scanning through the game with rpg maker cause you always find some nifty shit around there and i was searching for insults and i came across this room


it’s one of the houses you can enter when playing as ghostbatter


there’s nothing weird around here aside from the elsen. But really, all he does is greet you happily and give you a bunch of nifty orbs, as seen here in the command menu


Now, let’s take a look at the first dialouge line…


Wait, what??? You haven’t met this guy before, you may first think. What the fuck is he talking about???
Then you remember this is heaven, right. Perhaps one of the elsens of Zone 2 or something….by any chance, he isn’t hostile at all and actually gives you a very useful list of items. Oh well.


Good question, ghostbats…
Oh, the elsen’s reason for giving them to you?


Oh, okay…
Wait what—…
When did we—-…







So remember when I said we played fan games… yeah

Games represented here are home, unknown, fastforward, and continue stop rise

Check ‘um out if you have the time!