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Genuinely curious.. why do you hate white people? It's the 21st century and myself and others are mature and respectful enough to recognize wrongs from the past and by trying to create more hate it's only causing more segregation and discrimination and prejudice attitudes. I promise you if you seek love instead of hate you will find yourself to be a much happier person. I say this with a whole heart and honest concern, please think about/respond to this with an open mind.

why is it that i can say “i hate everyone” or “omg everyone is so annoying” and everybody understands that i don’t mean every single person alive but when i say that i hate a group of ppl that’s oppressed me it’s suddenly “seek love. don’t hate people!” like very clearly i shouldn’t have to clearify that i don’t hate every single white person when i say a generalized statement like that. chill omg


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asha greyjoy + strengths and flaws (asked by anonymous)                                    
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