This weekend, I was toying around with Photoshop, sacrificed 20% of my eyesight to the gods Ghibli, and there was this GIF of my creation. And since in 55 short days, BEWARE THE WILD will arrive in the world, I figure this means it’s time for a GIFaway!

(I’m sorry).

(I’m not sorry). 

However, there’s a catch. I only have one remaining ARC, and I’m afraid to say it’s not in great shape as it’s been defaced by maggie-stiefvater and a silver sharpie.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m including a picture so you can judge for yourself.

Want it? All you need to do is reblog this post or post the GIF above plus some version of….

"Southern Gothic gets a whole new twist in Natalie C. Parker’s debut novel. Beware the Wild is a riveting and atmospheric page-turner readers won’t want to miss! Pre-order your copy now!”

….sometime in the next 24 hours and you’re entered. US only, please. Only one re/blog counts and “likes” do not count. Use #Beware the Wild Contest.

BONUS, I have something else to throw into the pot. No, it’s not another GIF.

(I regret I have but one GIF to GIF!)

(……still not sorry).

To keep with this theme of beasts on wheels (which, oddly enough, refer to the doodles AND Maggie), I’m also including this doodled upon UK ARC of SINNER.   

I’ll post the winner on Tuesday, August 26th at 1pm CST

Good luck!

(GIF base photos via Flickr Creative Commons by Daniel Oines & David Talley)

The Court-Records Original Character Contest 2014 is a go!


After far too long, the Court-Records Original Character Contest is back! Not familiar with it? The idea’s simple: come up with Ace Attorney fan characters and you could win some serious AA swag! (Not to mention some internet bragging points.)

This year, we’re celebrating Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, and so the theme is multiple characters - unlike past years, your entry should include between 2 and 5 connected Ace Attorney OCs. These characters must be depicted in the form of a fanwork, in one of three categories: fanart, fanfiction, and spriting. The three categories will be judged entirely separate from each other, and like the Sprite Cup, after a round of private judging, the finalists will be voted on by the public.

What’s up for grabs? Well:

  • First place winners in each category will receive the PLvsPW artbook, an attorney’s pin from Fangamer, and an Objection! foam finger.
  • Second place winners in each category will receive an attorney’s pin from Fangamer, and an Objection! foam finger.
  • Third place winners in each category will receive an Objection! foam finger.

For the full rules and details, check out the contest page! At present, entries will be accepted until August 31st.

When you’re ready to enter, we have entry topics set up in the Fanfiction, Fanart, and Sprite subforums.

And finally, if you’re an AA writer but don’t have time to enter, we’re still looking for one more fanfic judge! Please get in contact via e-mail or ask if you’re interested.

Any other questions can either be sent via ask, posted in the forum topic, or e-mailed to us at

Good luck, everyone!

(And thanks to MoodMatrix for the banner!)


Winners of the 2014 National Geographic Travelers Photography Contest were announced earlier this week.

Image: Merit Prize Winner, A Well Earned Rest, by Evan Cole, who writes, “This photo of Moussa Macher, our Tuareg guide, was taken at the summit of Tin-Merzouga, the largest dune (or erg) in the Tadrat region of the Sahara desert in southern Algeria. Moussa rested while waiting for us to finish our 45-minute struggle to the top.” Select to embiggen.


What Is a Pokémon Contest Spectacular?

There are five kinds of contests that you can choose to enter: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness. Your Pokémon will be judged on its appeal based on one of those five conditions. Choose a contest condition in which your Pokémon excels, and enter it in one of the corresponding contests!

Each kind of contest is split into four ranks. From bottom to top, they are Normal Rank, Super Rank, Hyper Rank, and Master Rank. You will begin in Normal Rank, and if you win, you will be able to challenge the next rank: Super Rank. Keep winning your way through the ranks while aiming for the top in Master Rank!


Destroy Comics and Z2 Comics' Escapo Poster Contest Winners!

The winners in no specified order:

  1. Jorge Fornes
  2. Diego Tripodi
  3. Patrick Gallagher
  4. Daniel Le
  5. Jakub Rebelka

Everyone did a great job with their posters. Paul Pope loved these! If you didn’t get a chance to compete, I’m cooking up some cool stuff with First Second for Aurora West in September.

Be sure to order Escapo from your local comic shop or online!

We need more male voices in literature.

So we found a literary mag/publisher that believes we need more male voices in literature. 

Since that is ridiculous, from between now to the end of August we are asking you, men and women alike, to fill their inbox with ridiculous satirical submissions. Maybe so satirical they wont even notice. 

Also submit to us and we will feature the best submissions on our website. 

Email us the submission for free or submit for $3 on Submittable and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to WriteGirl!

Tell your friends!

Guidelines and info here:

"Fan mail" or whatever you'd like to call it

I gots me a PO BOX and I’ve gotten mail from some of my lovlies. They sent me cards, hand written letters, Spongebob stickers, some Avatar items, and I even got a visa gift card. None of this is necessary of course. But if you’d like to write to me, or send something (anything—as you can see from the range of things people have sent), you can and I will write each of you back, unless you tell me otherwise. I also will send random fun stuff/items to some random people, and I’ll do some giveaways (based on the people who have written me). The giveaways would be “bigger” items such as some worn socks or something. :3

So what I’m saying is if anyone felt so inclined to write to me, I will hand write you a note back, and I’ll do giveaways and/or do contests to win some stuff. So go for it if you want, don’t if you don’t. :P

Miss Arcana

PO BOX 510

Menomonee Falls, WI 53052

Introducing Keryn’s first ever BOTM!


You have 24 hours to reblog this (until 12PM EST on July 1);
Must be following me
Must reach 30 notes or this never happened; and
Winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

Looking for:

Clean, lovely theme;
Great posts; and
Sweet blogger.

Winner will receive

Spot on my blog for the month of July; 
A follow-back if not already;
Two screenshot promos upon request;
One more regular promo; and
All my love and affection forever.

Get reblogging, dolls.