When I checked tumblr yesterday, I found a happy surprise, I now have 5000+ followers! Thank you to everyone who follows me. I hope my artwork brings you some joy.

To celebrate this milestone I am giving away 3 copies of my new Inktober sketchbook. Just reblog this post for a chance to win. After cyber Monday, I will randomly choose 3 people who reblogged this post and send them a signed copy of my sketchbook.

If you don’t fancy your chances and just want to buy a copy of the book, I’m taking pre-orders right now! The book is in the final stages and I should get my copies very soon.

Again, thank you to everyone who follow me. I appreciate your support. Let’s spread the word about my sketchbook!

VU Crew Tumblr Giveaway!

Ok guys I have finally set up the giveaway!  There will be 10 winners in all.  1 for 1st prize, 2 for 2nd prize, 3 for 3rd prize, and 4 for 4th prize.  I will ship to Brazil and Indonesia (and anywhere else) but as with any country please remember the mail is at the mercy of your country but I REALLY hope it does arrive to you at no cost to you and I will do my best to mark it as such.

What are the Prizes?:

1st Place


Womens Varsity Jacket Size Small
Button Pack, 24 Stickers (9 Different Styles), and 1 Bracelet of Your Choice
2nd Place


6661 Beanie
Button Pack, 24 Pack of Stickers, and 2 VU (1 of your choice and 1 surprise)
3rd Place


10$ VU Gift Card
Button Pack, 24 Pack of Stickers, and 2 VU Bracelets (1 of your choice and 1 surprise)
4th Place


Button Pack, 24 Pack of Stickers, and 1 VU Bracelet

You may choose from the following bracelets:



I realise not everyone will want the jacket because of the size, maybe they already have the hat or jacket, or can’t use a VU gift card (Brazil and Indonesian).  So let’s say you are interested in the 2nd place and 4th place draws then please write 2 and 4 in your reblog.  If you are interested in all write ALL or 1, 2, 3, & 4.  Hopefully this will speed up assigning prizes to people.  If you have not specified and you are drawn as a winner this will slow down the process of announcing winners.

How to Enter:

Follow VUCREW.tumblr.com
Reblog this post directly from me
In your reblog write which place prizes you would like to enter for (you may enter for all of them but you can only win one)  Check the above paragraph for a clearer explanation
There will be 10 winner.
Contest End Date is December 6th at 11:59pm EST.
I will draw on the 7th and assign prizes.
Make sure I am able to contact you.

Note:  The jacket is only in a womens small because there was a flaw with my original jacket, not trying to exclude people :(.  I was suppose to send the original back to VU but they told me to keep it.  So to pay it forward, I got the jacket fixed up and now someone else will be able to have one.

A big thank you to Meaghan & Zacky for the bracelets, stickers, buttons, and jacket that are included in this giveaway!  And of course the rest of the VU Crew for their hard work.  Everything else is out of my pocket so I hope you enjoy!

SO! For Hitting 450 followers instead of doing a follow forever, I’m going to do a Pokemon Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire giveaway!

One winner will receive  a Shiny Groudon! 
It ain’t much, but I know people like Shinies and I can’t really afford anything else. ;w;

Alright, here’s the rules!
Likes/and reblogs count. But, only once!
This is for roleplayers only since this is a roleplay blog.
Please don’t follow me just for this and unfollow me, that’s just rude. ;w;. 
I will use a random number generator to determine the winner.
Contest will end tomorrow night, November 26th at 6 pm Central time!

Good luck to you guys! 

That’s right - CONTEST TIME!

Okay let’s do this :v

How to enter:

~ Follow me

~ Reblog this post with a canon-character name or a OC refrence sheet 


1st Place - Fully colored and Shaded Picture

2nd Place - Fully colored picture

3rd Place - Black Outline,colored picture

4th and 5th Place - Sketch (only if more than 10 people enter)

When will the winners be announced?

When I hit 300 Followers! :3

Thank you all for you support~♥

Quick tiny contest thingy for pic

I feel like drawing some followers so just like this post and reblog with a ref to enter

only 10 winnurs

for a follower pic

(can enter if you won previous giveaway but will have less of a chance to win)

The winners will be announced thursday

do not hav to be following but i recomend as highest for better chances

Hello to all my beautiful followers! Christmas time is drawing near with each passing day and so I thought I should like to thank you all for being with me and this blog. If only it were possible, I would love to give you all a gift or two, alas, that is not in my power. Still, I would like to make at least one of you a bit more happy this Christmas.  What you have to do?

  1. Reblog this post at least once.
  2. Write a story (long or short, depending entirely on your decision - few lines are enough, really) with a Christmas theme involving any member(s) of the Romanov family you choose. It can be also a poem. 
  3. Send it to me either via askbox, fanmail, or ideally to my e-mail “Diamanta.Bralova@seznam.cz” . (If you choose the latter write “The Romanov Christmas Contest" into the subject of your message, so I know you are not a spam). The deadline for your entry is midnight of Sunday, December 14th!
  4. The winner, after being notified, needs to provide me with his or her adress. It is possible that I may not be able to ship the prize before Christmas if you live outside Europe. But no worries, it will get to you eventually.

All stories and poems I receive will be published on my blog during Christmas time - so do not forget to write down your name/nickname/blog adress so I can properly credit you!

And what is it that you can win? As good as new hardcover copy of “The Court of the Last Tsar: Pomp, Power and Pageantry in the Reign of Nicholas II by Greg King. It is one of the best books in my collection and I recommend it to anyone interested in Imperial Russia and the last generation of the Romanovs. As one of the Amazon reviewers puts it, the author “recreates the world of magnificent palaces, grand spectacles, weddings, coronations, christenings and funerals, that the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his family lived in and their lives in surroundings that were sumptuous, to say the very least. Greg King begins his journey with an overview of the Imperial family, but also the people of the court, from ministers and ladies-in-waiting, right down to the maids, footmen, chefs and nursemaids that cared for the Imperial children. From there, we see that these people populated palaces of immense splendour, starting with the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo — The Tsar’s Village — Peterhof, and the palaces in Moscow. A brief history of who built the palaces, what they were used for, and how they were decorated and arranged by Alexandra, along with quite a few ancedotes about them makes for interesting reading.”

Sharpen your quills and let your fantasy go wild! Remember that you do not have to be the greatest writer or have flawless English. The main point is to spread some Christmas spirit and show your creativity. Best of luck!

Quiz and Give Away (350+)

1. Name 1 OC of mine (instead of xana)
2. Whens mod birbday?
3. Whats mods favorite color?
4. Reblog, Like, and be following

First Question full pic (Background, shading, and etc.)

Second Question would get a transparent chibi-like (Shaded)

Third Question - Rough Sketch and coloring

Fourth- Full Pic


I know this isnt really shaded (oh well lel)


Jebus, I dont have a picture thats rough sketch and coloring (dont worry youre still gon be beautiful)


Here have a wiggle wiggle!

Good Luck and have wiggles!!

(Hint Hint.. Mods Blog + ends Friday for 4th place)
Okay, this is pretty important

My friend entered a contest to be the next backup singer of Michael Bolton. She really needs your votes! She’s the most lovely person, and an incredible singer.

For EVERYONE who votes, I will rate your blog, or write you a drabble of your pick! (Must be a fandom I’m in, though, so SVU, Céline Dion, Barbra Streisand or Cher, so on. You can always ask)

You can vote for her HEREYou can either create an account, or sign in with Facebook. It does not post anything on your wall. You can vote every day, and it would be much appriciated. When you’ve voted, just say so in my inbox, and ask for a blograte/drabble. :)

This is kind of lame, but it’s really important to her (and me!)

Icon: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdghjkl

URL: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl

Sidebar: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl

Theme: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl

Posts: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl

Overall: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl

Following: yes | no, sorry | i am now | follow forever

So yeah, please take a minute to do this. Would mean the world. <3

So, I am making a contest because I got— wait for it..— 60 FOLLOWERS! :’D So, this is an x-mas icontest (an icon contest..) and there’s a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Prizes for each place are…
~1st place; gets an icon for their blog, a blog banner (if they wish to have one) and a request.

~2nd place; gets a few icon and a request.

~3rd place; gets an icon.

Here are the rules…

~Reblog to enter
~Reblog as much as you want to raise your chance of winning
~Like to also slightly raise your chance of winning

The contest ends on Dec. 20th! Good luck everypony!