Blaze Whisker Count Contest

Time for another silly contest. The rules are simple. Count up the number of whiskers and eyebrows on Blaze. Send me the total and all the people with the right answer will be put in a draw to win a Cats at the Bar T-shirt . Give your answers here or email me at . Contest runs until Friday midnight EST January 30, 2015.


THANK YOU FOR 150 FOLLOWERS! So guys, here are the rules: 1. You have to be following 2. New followers welcome! 3. There will be 4 winners 4. Likes alone don’t count, but If you reblog with a like, it will count as an extra entry. Reblogs alone count as one entry. 5. IMPORTANT: Please write ‘Enter’ when you reblog, so i know that you are a contestant. If you don’t, it doesn’t count as an entry. 6. Winners will be chosen by a random name selector. Relationships not included. 7. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t win at all, there will be more chances later. Good luck! (Also, winner’s oc’s will be drawn in the Friday Stream! Make sure you come if you win! :D )

Eric Krick

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Congratulations to Kenneth Hanson, the Grand Prize Winner of the C&EN’s Chemistry in Pictures Photo Contest for 2014*. Hanson, who is a chemistry professor at Florida State University, will receive a brand new Canon Digital SLR camera, and his winning photo will be featured in an upcoming issue of Chemical & Engineering News. 

From the FSU website: “The Hanson research group focuses on the design, synthesis and characterization of light absorbing and emitting molecules for various applications. The design of the chromophores is guided by our electrochemical and photophysical characterization of the molecules/devices with an emphasis on understanding their structure-property relationships. This work will open the door to more efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), selective sensors/probes for biologically relevant metal ions, and a new approach to catalysis involving light-assisted reaction pathways.”



Polymer shavings from a scintillation sphere (half-sphere, shown at bottom right) emit blue light under an ultraviolet lamp. Kenneth Hanson of Florida State University and colleagues are modifying polymers such as polystyrene and polyvinyltoluene to increase the efficiency at which these materials convert gamma-rays to visible light. The ability to detect gamma rays has a number of applications, including the detection of nuclear weapons.

Credit: Kenneth Hanson (Enter our photo contest here)

*The monthly contest will continue in 2015, so keep those submissions coming, they could earn you a $50 gift card.  

These are Reactions to Two things first what happened to taylor yesterday, and second, that I must face the reality that even the years ive entered every contest know to man, gone to concerts, camped out, tried to go to t partys dressed like a fool , waited at radio stations, even took my subway cup with me on vacation, bought 4 1989 albums for the swift-stakes to give to my friends, and spend hours doing contest entry’s for meet and greets that i wont ever win, never even a free gift bag or anything, not that i didn’t have fun i had so much fun, just saying… just kinda makes me sad, i wish i could afford 3000 meet and greet tickets thats like literally only option left, I’m not rich and i spent last of my money on her concert tickets for staples center ,and my like polaroid sweater i made, and vinyl album, so i cant get art supplies for awhile and I’m running out been drawing so much taylor swift stuff lately oh no 🙈 who else has this problem raise your 🙋 ill try to dare to dream impossible things but its so hard sometimes…

This is a character concept art piece for my Doctor Whooves Tumbler Comic. Order is pretty much the Dimensional opposite of Discord as, while he is in one dimension, keeping order, Chaos rules in all other dimensions. He will NOT be a main character and will ONLY be seen in the second chapter. I am requesting that YOU, our fine followers, see what you can do to improve him.

Here is his Description:

He is a Gold and White Alicorn

Has Gold Irises and White or Silver pupils

The scales (his cutie mark) can be either gold or black)

improvise on the hair

(I did use the base for this one with another one posted towards the start of the blog if anyone ever noticed. Look for it)

Enjoy and Good luck! -Nightshayd

Hey Tumblr Fam!!! I’m in a gift giving contest and I’m very close to my goal. Through an awesome program called Ribbon you can give the gift of a gift card ( based on price) which holds different specialty gift collections from well know brands like Michael Kors and Beats by Dre. It’s free shipping, 180 day return policy , as well as a promise that Ribbon Gift Cards never expire! You can help me win the contest by logging into my site at , going to the tab labeled more products, and clicking on the Ribbon link. The contest ends Friday January 31st. Thank you all in advance for your support!!

Day 3 Winner of the #Valentines for Boys and Girls, #ManicureSet, #Candles, #LEDCandles, #BackMassager, #PopcornBowl, #Frozen @jellybellycandyco, #coinholders, #100dollarBill #FacialTissues, and even 3 bags of #Doritos with a #Doritos #Balloon all from the Dollar Shop inside the Mills Mall will be announced tomorrow! #Car #contest #Business #Community #Bridgeton #firstcommunity #creditunion #FirstCommunityGiving #dollarShop (at Dollar Shop)


Now before everyone gets really crazy this giveaway will be different! Mew cannot be traded through GTS. We repeat Mew CANNOT be traded through GTS. This Mew can only be traded through FC trade!

This giveaway is going to be limited. Starting next month is going to be our major Mew giveaway month. What does this mean? Every Sunday 14 people who like and reblog the Mew post will be eligible it’s consider as a entering this giveaway or contest whatever you like to call it. We will have a website that randomly picks numbers 1-how many people like it. If the post only hits 14 likes/reblogs we cut it down to half. However, seeing this give away is happening because we passed 151 followers and now have 191 something followers this is why this giveaway is happening.

This is going to be our biggest giveaway. So if you want to get your hands on a Mew start reblogging or liking this post! The 14 winners will be pick next Sunday Feb 1st at 12pm EST. And we will post our winners and message them. Do not freak out you guys have until February ends. 

We will like to thank our friend Zero for donating this Mew to us to make this giveaway possible.

…And the contest is closed!

Thank you SO much to everyone that entered! I’m overwhelmed by all the interest in my commissions; it means the world to me that so many of you want a painting from me! I’ll be writing everyone’s names on slips of paper and doing the drawing later today (Monday) sometime.

For now, have a picture of the original painting with my muse, my corgi baby Zero. :3