so!! lets get down to business to defeat the huns!

500 followers contest here we come!!

let me draw the pretty pones for you awesome peeps~

This will be a 2 piece contest

1st piece: 

  • simply reblog this post with a reference of your pony OC
  • the winners will be drawn wearing one of these choices (you can pick)
  1. swim suit
  2. wet suit
  3. scuba outfit/gear
  4. snorkel, goggles, flippers, floaties are optional
  • there will be 3 winners for this contest
  • you do not have to be a follower to enter (though it is greatly appreciated)
  • Do not submit a ref to me, you must reblog with it (A link or image of the ref. in the reblog is fine)
  • Only reblog once please
  • the prize will be a flat coloured sketch as seen in the two bottom pictures
  • winners will be chosen randomly on random.org
  • ends on the 26th of may

2nd Piece:

  • pick any or all of Divebomb and her family
  • The amount of winners depends on the amount of entries. Lets start with 2 and go from there.
  • Prize is a lined flat colour picture of your OC (doesn’t have to be a pony)
  • you must be following me
  • the first two winners will be chosen by me (note that I will not be picking by skill or fancy programs. but by effort and creativity, I encourage everyone to join)
  • if there are going to be more winners they will be chosen randomly with random.org
  • please submit your entries to me (So I won’t lose them)
  • Ends 3rd of june

References for the characters: [I do not have proper refs for them all yet, this will post be updated when I do]

The family, Divebomb, Dad (Geyser), Mom (SilkSoul), Sister (Aqua Flash)

allthehappylittlefandoms submitted:

A New Take on Princess Ariel

I decided to give her crutches as her disability for obvious reasons. She was born with a tail. She had never used legs before in her life. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that those legs don’t work quite right. I like that she’s smiling because it shows that despite her disability, she’s still determined.


I’m holding a contest until July 1st, 2015 for people to submit their best drawings/paintings/digital art/etc. of a princess with a disability. This can be an official princess redesigned with a disability OR an original princess! This contest is not officially affiliated with Disney. However, the goal is that the fanart will be used to boost the petition so that Disney may one day see it! For more information, see the official post:



from getting dragged to see them back when there was an evening with the maine to present day where im counting down to when the next show is, they are one band that has an impact on me in words cant describe like slipknot or fall out boy. been there for me threw the bad and good. high school was shitty. friends were shitty. boys are shitty. but the lyrics got me threw it. they grew up with me and i love what they have become. each album keeps getting better and hitting new ways. like 24 floors- dark dark song and i cry most times i hear it- but it hits me hard. such a strong song. all of american candy is strong. music gets better and better and i cant wait to see where their music takes me and them <3


This is Caylin Crosby! She was our 2nd place winner in our Call of the Goddess Contest. She will serve as a guide through Ataxia’s end game. We’ve styled her after another helpful in-game NPC. Need a hint? Just look a little closer “doodle”.

Website: http://www.projectataxia.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AtaxiaGame
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ProjectAtaxia

Don’t make an enemy of an anemone! Whew! We need to go rest our tongues! But don’t rest your artistic fingers. Time is running out! Enter your creative artwork in our contest by May 29. Just post it to Tumblr and use hashtags #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry. Simple!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Must be a legal resident of US (incl. DC) or Canada (excl. Quebec) 18+. Deadline: 5/29/15. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii U system and one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $359.98). 5 First Prize winners each receive one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $59.99 each). Additional terms and conditions apply. Click here for official rules: http://Ninten.do/61307CVG Sponsor: Nintendo of America Inc.