Back in June 2014 we decided that creating a tumblr to bring together all the anti-fascist and anti-racist struggles and victories from all around the world was a good idea.

One year, 900+ posts, and 3000+ followers later, it’s our first anniversary!


Our four “biggest fans” on tumblr for the month of June 2015 (based on what tumblr reports) will each receive a special Antifa International prize pack!  

What’s in the prize packs?  We’ll be showing you over the coming days but trust us - you’ll like what we put together!

So how do you become one of our four “biggest fans” for June 2015 and win one of these?  It seems that tumblr bases it on how many posts of ours that you like and re-blog.  Good luck!

We have even more surprises this month.  Stay tuned!

Hey tumblr!! I entered a WetSeal model search contest. The top 100 girls who get the most votes between June 1st - 15th become semi-finalists… and after they choose the top 5 who get to travel to their headquarters in California! Could you do me a huge favor and vote for me by searching my name (TASHYON) and liking the picture. 💖 it would mean a lot !!! ✨ reblog please! :)

IG: TashyonLaneigh

In ktown4u contest I won a whole package of TVXQ items! Thank you ktown4u!!! I was really excited to open this package :D

You can see the TVXQ unboxing video I uploaded on Youtube.


Rustic Ranch: We had a very fun Saturday night at our store.  The adorable winner of our “Dinner with Amber” contest and her family joined our staff for a yummy BBQ, followed by some great socialization time.  It was a great experience for all, and I loved watched the girls ask Amber some really well thought out questions.  If you love Heartland, you will want to keep an eye on our page, we have another exclusive opportunity to announce in the next day or so!!

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Songwriting Contest

Contest: The John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Criteria: international | “Entries will be judged on originality, melody, composition, and lyrics (when applicable). Your songs may be entered in any of the following categories: Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, World, Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop, Gospel/Inspirational, Latin, Electronic, Folk, and Children’s. Instrumental compositions are encouraged.” | Each entry requires the following elements: One song five (5) minutes or less (mp3, CD or cassette), A lyric sheet – no lyrics necessary for instrumental compositions, A payment – $30.00 per song, A completed application 


Entry Fees: $30/per song

Entrance: online or snail mail

Deadline: June 15, 2015

More Information

Ok so lets do something fun and Gorillaz related! Whoever guesses correctly will get a free drawing!

Which phase in my opinion has…

  • The best aesthetic 
  • The best album/music in general
  • The best art work
  • my favorite song

***To make things slightly easier none of the phases are repeated between the first three thing on the list, and one phase is re-mentioned in the last bullet.  

Instructions and other important stuff:

  • You don’t have to follow me for this but I would really appreciate it if you were.
  • If you guess wrong you can try again. 
  • Leave your guess in my ask box but please don’t make it anonymous, this will make things less confusing. 
  • You can also reblog this and spread the word but only if you want. 
  • When someone gets it right I’ll make a post mentioning the winner, if a few people get it right and I haven’t informed who the winner is then they will also get a free drawing. 
  • For the free drawing you can ask for anything, it could be Gorillaz related but I can also draw your character if you have one or any character you might like. 

hopes this makes sense ;;


For Dou Hong’s Gemsona Contest! 
This is a fusion of his two gems Diamond + Chrysoberyl.= Golden Tourmaline. :) 
The other pictures are a bunch of intense concepts I came up with for this contest as I couldn’t let go of my perfectionism and just draw something straight out, I had to research and think about it alot. I’m going to try and do the other ideas I came up with too but this will be my first entry.