Break the Bingo - A CONTEST!

As a sendoff for the site’s and Female Armor Bingo’s and site’s anniversary, we prepared a little something for you guys: a Female Armor Bingo art contest!

We’ve been noted numerous times by our readers how tempting it is to design an “armor” so absurd that it crosses out ALL the Female Armor Bingo squares. So far no commercial work we tested the game on succeeded at that (though some came dangerously close), so how about we actually DO take this challenge?

The challenge: Design a skimpy female armor that covers every single possible point of the Female Armor Bingo.
The contestant MUST be the author of submitted art. Any type of art may be submitted, as long as its contents are clearly readable and presented as a standard web friendly file (jpeg, png, etc).
Already existing art is fine, as long as the contestant formally submits it, as per rules.

The contestants: To take part in the contest a person needs to have either tumblr account or deviantArt account, as we need legitimate way to contact the winners and track back their artwork. The contestant must either follow BABD on tumblr or BikiniArmorBeDamned group on deviantArt.
Anonymous submissions to tumblr are automatically disqualified!

The deadlines: All submissions have to enter via Bikini Armor Battle Damage’s submit box as image posts (with a “Contest entry” note in description) or to BikiniArmorBeDamned dA group’s Female Armor Bingo CONTEST folder before 31 March 2015.
The winners will be announced on bikiniarmorbattledamage 5 April 2015 (the Easter Sunday).

The prizes: 3 winners will be chosen and 3 prizes are offered. 1st place winner gets to choose the prize first, second one chooses after them, third one gets whatever prize is left. The available prizes are:

If anyone’s interested in contributing more prizes, please contact us!

Keep in mind some bingo squares are directly or indirectly contradictory (a boobplate that covers only nipples?). We’re counting on your creativity with overcoming that.
Bonus points if you manage to score both the bingo 1.0-exclusive Cameltoe and 1.1-exclusive “How does it attach?!” points!


- wincenworks

Illustration contest

Dear followers,

To celebrate the 70,000 followers mark, I wish to start a second illustration contest where you guys can submit any fashion illustrations to this blog. I will once again choose 3 winners, and the winning works will be posted on this website.

This contest opens on the 3rd of March, and closes on the 3rd of April.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Much love,

Tolkien Exhibition in Milan~

This pre-birthday was… amazing.

I am not kidding, I had a wonderful day and I totally didn’t expected all these smiles and happiness…!

Today me Alex and Ale went to this Tolkien Exibition in Milan, because there was a cosplay contest and today cosplayers payed a reduced price, so it sounded that good that we found not miss the opportunity..!

I personally joined the cosplay contest without so many expectations, I am not normally a “winner” and I was all like “Ok then, let’s see what will happen” and I was 100% sure Alex would win a prize, I mean his armor is majestic… from this the decision to don’t cosplay Kili but Varda, after all there was 3 prizes and with a very different character we would have many more opportunities to compete for different “categories”.

The prizes was 3 tickets for the Greisinger Museum in Switzerland, an amazing museum about Middle Earth, a true dream..! The best would be both win a prize… and god so it is! xD So we are totally go to that museum in summer, it’s gonna be a-ma-zing <3
I also won a lego set of the hobbit… I love legos <3

Then… the exhibition was so lovely and had some interesting pieces, like:

So we come back to children ages and went totally random 

This uruk hai was so cool xD
It was huge!!!

So I tried to defeat it u.u

So, I had an amazing day and now I am crying glitters because my make up is not cleaning off properly :’D ouch

RWBY-fan's RT contest

 Okay folks, to celebrate my 10k follower milestone I’ll be holding an art contest! I’m doing this to help expose the your great talent and give you a chance at some prices. So here’s how it’s going to work:

You have until the 22nd of March to submit your own art to me with the tittle “10k art contest”  This can be a chalk painting, a sculpture, watercolor, sketch, copic marker, digital art, etc. If you are not working with a digital medium, please scan your art or take a very clean picture of it (but scans are recommended). Whatever you submit must be related to Rooster Teeth!  Once submissions are closed on March22nd, all the pieces will be shown to the public so they can vote!

The fans will be the judges on the winner, all submissions will be entered into a poll  where people will have one week to vote on which piece they like, the person with the most votes wins!


  1.  First place will get $30 gift card to the RT store
  2. Second place will get $20 gift card
  3. Third place will get $10 gift card

 Please note that the price currency can be changed depending on which RT store is best for you, I will ask I contact you on your winning. 


  • The scan/image/photograph must be submitted before or by the 22nd of March
  • Your submission must be of Rooster Teeth content (RWBY, RvB, Xray and vav, etc)
  • You can submit multiple entries, but you can only win ONE prize (i.e. You can’t win the grand prize and the runner up prize).
  • You may post your submission on your own blog at any time but please mention that it’s an entry to this contest
  • You don’t have to be a follower to enter

and that’s it, best to luck to those that enter, feel free to share this to everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away

Not an April Fool’s contest!

If you’ve been reading this tumblr, you’ve probably seen that I’ve had a very busy 2014. I’ve put out 3 different books, as well as several collaborations… but since they were published in different markets, probably very few of you have all of them!

So how about a contest where the winner can get all of what you see in the photo above??

We’re speaking of no less than I Kill Giants (US 5th anniversary edition), Henshin (Japanese original edition), Traveling (Spanish original edition), my 4 zines Vegas Blues, Fanboy, Penguin wants to fly and Breakfast for two, Feathers #1, the card game Love letter and a T-shirt – all of it signed!

To take part in this contest,take a picture of yourself with one of my works anywhere you want. Publish it online (in facebook, twitter or your blog) and add a comment to the picture explaining why you chose that specific book and what it is you like the most about it.
Don’t forget to tag me on the photos you put on facebook, put my twitter id (@ken_niimura) in the case of twitter or send me an e-mail with a link to the post to if you publish it on your blog.

The contest will begin today, until the 31st of March.
I’ll write down the names of each one of the participants, and on the 1st of april, I’ll put them all in a bag and draw one. And after making public the name of the winner, I’ll send the winner the prize!

Oh, and you can repeat this with different comics of mine – for each new photo, you’ll get an extra entry in the ballot box - more chances to win!


Contest #179: Pokemon Roulette Vote

I’m practically itching to see what our new pokemon will be like. We’ve got some positively delightful entries here, so let’s take a look and decide what our new dark-type flea pokemon will be:

  1. Submission by ChaqueFoulee
  2. Submission by EmeraldMew
  3. Submission by FakemonVevo
  4. Submission by Ehalcyon
  5. Submission by SkarmorySilver
  6. Submission by EmeraldMew
  7. Submission by Relikuz
  8. Submission by PumpkinSkull
  9. Submission by Relikuz

And there you have it!

Please vote once. What would you like our new flea pokemon to be?


See how your vote can help us mermaids!!!


Emma & Regina | I found love [+4x13] {mpc}

teaandinanity replied to your post “Break the Bingo - A CONTEST!”

Is ‘Looks Nothing Like the Male Version’ a free space for the purposes of this contest?

Good question.

I say, the choice is up to contestant: they are free to leave out the square (without getting any negative notes for that), but inclusion of a male version for comparison is definitely appreciated as additional effort.
Using a stock image of male armor just as a placeholder for comparison is good too.

Similarly for the ‘More advanced level = skimpier’ square. Depicting more than one version of the same armor counts as additional effort, but showing just one level of the armor is fine.


flutterhunter asked:

Mermaid AU: Frustrated by how Marco can never stay underwater for long periods of time, he works part time jobs and saves up for a pair of used scuba gear. When Marco accidentally confesses he did it so he can ask Star out on a "proper undersea folk" date, Star kisses him on the breather, then Marco removes it so they can have a "proper undersea folk kiss." (The moment's -kind of- ruined when Star has to pull Marco back up to the surface to breath, but, you know.)


C A N D I D A T E ~A.Y.

LDR Contest!~

Sorry for the long wait! It took awhile for me to decide what to do T-T. I didn’t want to make it cliché like the “Cutest couple pic” or something. 

Anyway, here’s the contest rules:

1) Make sure you’re following me and like this post!

2) You must make a post (either typed or a screenshot) of the funniest typo or autocorrect that you texted to your bf/gf or that your bf/gf texted you. Make sure you tag it #thebummiestcontest1 so I can see it!

I’ll share one of my own blunders as an example…Warning- kind of NSFW!

So one time when me and my boyfriend were sexting, my text autocorrected to “Cum in me mom” instead of “Cum in me mmm.” That totally ruined the mood and made my boyfriend laugh the whole night -_____- Ugh, so embarrassing.


A drawing of you and your long distance bf/gf! Here’s an example I drew quickly for me and my boyfriend~

And I’ll promote you to my followers!

Contest ends on March 8 at 11:59 EST

It’s Contest Time! Based on all the love i received from last night’s photo, I’m starting a new hashtag: #toodrunktoyoga 😜 Take a photo of yourself drinking a good beer while absolutely failing at a yoga pose and you could win an Apple Brandy Noir with a Dino Glass! Don’t forget to make your profile public so I can see your photo, mention and tag me in the comments along with the hashtag #toodrunktoyoga ! You have until tomorrow night…GO! 💥#toodrunktoyoga #beeryoga #contest #prairieartisanales #beerporn #craftbeer @prairieales