"I’ve been coming to Tokyo for 20 years and I didn’t wanted to take a historical inspiration from Japan but I like the idea of portraying it more in relation of how I experience the city, and I think is very much like a kind of ‘metropole’ city you know, is a kind of ‘melt pot’ of styles and expressions, that relate strongly to modern fashion. 

I think what I like very much about japanese people is how they take the liberty and how they take the freedom to express themselves through high fashion in such different form of languages. And I even started to think about Tokyo little bit like a kind of Blade Runner city, that’s how I perceived it in the past, you know is a kind of like materializing with all this kind of buildings and advertising but then specifically also the people look very very different from one to each other, is not a city that has one style, I like that they are experimental, and I love…is very inspiring, is an inspiring city, the streets are inspiring, fashion is happening in the streets here also, so I think that was more a kind of mindset and an attitude that I took as an inspiration.” —Raf Simons. 

esprit dior tokyo | christian dior pre-fall ‘15.