I look so grumpy. Damn that thumbnail.

I started wearing a headscarf around a month ago! Why? WHaaaaatt? HuhhUHuuhuhhh?

All is explained in a super long but probably necessary video (it has a contents page and everything)

And now I embark on a permanent journey of hopefully changing mindsets and breaking stereotypes wahey!

anonymous asked:

I've been seeing a lot of diviners in the community talking about divineru's intuition boot camp course and I see that you're doing it too. I'm really tempted to get it but I'm still slightly good is it? does it contain a lot of exercises to practice with? does it have topics I wouldn't find in depth anywhere else?

Oh man! Let me tell you a thing! I’m going to do a full in-depth review of the course once I’m finished with it – but already I honestly think that it’s well worth the money. The course itself comes neatly packaged in a very professional looking PDF file that has 71 pages of content. It also comes with 11 worksheets provided in PDF *and* Word Doc format which is a huge plus (I don’t have a printer I can use so the word docs allow me to fill them in with typing)! It also comes with a guided meditation and a PDF journal to print out.

As for the quality of info you’ll find packaged within? It’s pretty great. Already I’ve found ideas on how to approach things that I haven’t tried myself. One that sticks out in my mind is how to intuitively pick  which cards to use in a reading (my old method was pretty standard and boring – this new way I like much better).

As I said I’ll post a full review when I’m fully finished with the course! However as of right now - I’d definitely reccomend it. It’s well worth the price their charging for sure!

"I've hacked history!"
  • Parker:Um... I dunno how soon we're doing this auction scam, but are you planning on printing out the entire diary page by page?
  • Eliot:You better hope that she's got a short and boring life, my man.
  • Hardison:Do you know what I've achieved here? Do you? I made ink from boysenberries, okay, I-I-I've tanned hide for the covers.
  • Eliot:*under his breath to Parker* I forgot to tell you, don't go in the jacuzzi. It's not safe.
  • Hardison:I've made glue for the binding from animal parts I do not care to discuss. I've made content for the filler pages using an algorithm from digitized colonial era novels and diaries -- it's Shakespeare in the house, people, Shakespeare.
  • Parker:Yeah, it sounds like a lot of work.
  • Hardioson:It is. In a single day I've gone from apprentice to journeyman to master.
  • Parker:Okay... Well, I...
  • Eliot:He's losing it.
  • Parker:Yeah, so, I'm gonna go steal some stuff.
  • Hardison:Okay, but come back, 'cause I've fused computer technology with... with... with this stuff. *gesturing at insane setup*
  • Eliot:Alright man, let us know how that goes.
  • Hardison:I've hacked history! I've hacked history, people!
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Hey everyone,

I’ve been blogging on here for over 2 years now, and have written hundreds of essays, posted dozens of my photos and produced a podcast for a year on Tumblr as well. All of the costs associated with Owning My Truth and my blog BlackinAsia before it (e.g.web hosting fees) have been handled by me to date and I have invested thousands of hours here as I strive to produce and curate high quality content for all of you with my photography, writing and social commentary on race and popular culture. There are always (of course) a few hiccups along the way as I make mistakes and constantly try to learn and grow, but I do my best, and it seems like many of you enjoy the content and page as well!

With this in mind, I’ve setup a donate link on my page. So if any of you enjoy my writing and photography and are interested in contributing to support it and keep Owning My Truth going, please submit a donation

This is especially important for the non-black people who read my work to “learn” about antiblackness. I have mentioned many times that the primary way that solidarity can be expressed without taking up space is to financially support the work of black people and organizations, especially if you engage with their work a lot. So if you read my work, please feel free to submit a donation (or better yet, a monthly donation) and show your support for my writing and photography that way. :) 

Thanks for the support and love everyone!


  • <p>Does anyone else have a contents page in their Book of Shadows? Or am I just a freak? Haha. </p>
  • <p>I really don't need one for myself since I wrote it all, but if someone else were to need to use it, I know it's difficult to navigate when you don't know where it's at. </p>
  • <p>I am planning on passing my finished books onto my sister and then have her pass them onto my daughter if she wants to learn. </p>
  • <p>I know, I plan really far ahead.</p>
Asking for Help

My hours got cut at work, slashing about three to four hundred dollars a month from my paychecks. I’ve missed two car payments in a row, and I’m afraid if I miss another that I’ll lose my car. And my parents are filing for bankruptcy, and I’m trying to take on as many bills as I can so that we don’t lose our house.

Problem is, I’m out of money.

So, I’m asking for help. And I’m offering to help you, at the same time. I’m offering fic and original writing commissions, as well as editing, transcription, and researching services, all for reasonable rates. 


  • Fiction: 10 cents/word
  • Nonfiction/Ghostwriting: 20 cents/word


  • Basic proofreading (spelling and grammar, fact-checking): $3/page
  • Comprehensive: (content, plot, characterization, in-depth research checking): $7.50/page


  • $10/hour


  • $12/hour

I won’t write kink/BDSM. I will write pretty much anything else. For fic, I’ll write for any fandom I blog/reblog about. For original, just get me a topic and we’re good to go. I work primarily through email communication, but if you have another viable preference, I’ll give it a shot.

Payments are made using Dwolla, and there is a donation button on my blog. 

Send me a PM, or email me at