anonymous said:

everybody's proper overreacting including you. You 'makers' aren't the only people on the website, just saying.

no no no, that’s fine. All us ‘makers’ who provide, gifs, art, graphics, photography and our other talents will take it somewhere else

have fun reblogging nothing. 

Incoming ridiculous long list of dog blogs I follow, compiled especially for atomicbombastic (I hope you feel the love omg, this took me a while)

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NYC Row House unfurnished

Meant to upload this sooner, but here’s the unfurnished version.Please read the instructions.There may be a few random tables here and there, you can just delete them.. 

Download Here

New Set coming soon !

A few people requested this and I said I would inform each of you when its available.. but since tumblr sucks and delete messages after I reply, I can’t find your tumblrs.So hopefully you guys who requested will understand.